Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

The latest technology from Dream is
here. The new foundation is the lightest ever yet – not a liquid, not a mousse nor a cream, this is airfoam… A true weightless wonder thanks to a formula that combines water, ultra-refined pigments.
Available in 12 shades.

What we say:
‘I’d never used a mousse foundation before so at first I wasn’t quite sure how to apply Maybelline’s new foundation. (Eek, I know, a beauty ed who’s never used a mousse foundation before! Sue me ;) ) But after playing around with different techniques, the best way is to spray a little onto the back of your hand and just use your fingers. After vigorously shaking the bottle, the foundation squirts out just like shaving cream. The consistency isn’t as thick, though, and an “airy”, spongy dollop of mousse is ejected from the nozzle. Cool to the touch, Maybellines’ Dream Nude Airfoam has great building potential, so if you’re not happy with the coverage of the first layer, you can keep going. It did feel as little sticky at first, but after some time it absorbed and faded away throughout the day. A little word of warning, though, test the squirt nozzle first if you haven’t used this product before. And don’t squirt it in the direction of your body, especially if you’re wearing a black top.

‘I loved that Maybellines’ Dream Nude Airfoam offered the right amount of medium coverage I wanted, and because you get to control how much coverage you want, it makes Maybelline’s foundation the perfect light or heavy coverage foundation for both summer and winter.’
– Megan


24 Responses

  1. Ah, Maybelline, how I love thee. Inexpensive and great quality. This foundation goes on light as air, but covers beautifully. I don’t even feel as if I am wearing foundation. Helps for my oily skin as well.

  2. I love this foundation, it feels absolutely light and fluffy on skin and feels like you lightly fluffing your skin with foam (reminds me of children making a bubble beard) the foundation applies to a virtually invisible look, yet gives skin the colour and coverage it needs. I’d agree the coverage is light but it’s really effective and gives skin a dewy and fresh look. I wouldn’t say you need much powder over for oily skin, but I would advise you to dust skin of with translucent powder once in a while to avoid a high shine look. I would recommend this product because it gives skin an amazing look and it’s absolutely breathable, so there will be no more breakouts or harsh skin damage because this product is sheer and velvety smooth on skin.

  3. I purchased this product a week ago and have tried it 3 times – looks like self tan gone wrong. It is not light and foamy, it is not easy to apply and I have to keep touching up as it look like I have a fake tan on. I am not happy with this product at all.

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