Dunhill Custom

The Dunhill Custom fragrance has exquisite ingredients perfectly tailored together, making Custom not just a statement fragrance, but a personal signature.

Price: R740.00
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide.

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:

dunhill custom

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12 Responses

  1. A very manly great fragrance. The bottle is really heavy but nothing a man can’t handle. My Fiancé loves smelling good and this one he tells me he will definitely buy again.
    I bought this one for him after smelling it in the store when I was looking for a welcome home gift for him.
    It’s kind of strong at first, but gradually fades a little to a very pleasant spicy smell that smells so nice on him. He likes it so its a big hit with us both.

  2. I got my hubby a miniature of this to test and he loves it. I think I love it more though because I love the scent of it on him.

  3. Most other dunhill fragrances I have tried or smelt were quite playfull. This sounds more as something I would tell hubby to use for work than for an evening out. That said great reviews and this will be on my kids and my list of ‘things to get for dad’

  4. I love the appearance and weight of this bottle. The liquid looks like some fine, aged whisky or something luxurious of sorts. Very nicely done.

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