Coty East.West Horizon

The East West brand essence lies in the adventure. The new variant has evolved into a rugged man, who leaves his urban lifestyle, in search for discovery and freedom. Relaxed and confident, he personifies the ultimate rugged and cool guy. His authentic and casual style gives him a very unique and mysterious appeal.

What we say:
‘It comes in a very simple bottle – minimalist if you are being complimentary, underwhelming if you are not. Yes, I know it’s a man’s cologne and I am a woman, however my usual scent is Davidhoff Cool Water For Men and I have received compliments from both men and women. Over the years I have discovered that I like clean, fresh smells and men’s scents fulfil that need more than women’s. Horizon is fairly light and not overpowering at all – clean, crisp and sophisticated. Definite yay for subtlety, but by 5pm the scent seems to have vanished entirely.

‘I have, however, received unsolicited compliments in the month I have been wearing it. My partner pronounced the fragrance ‘clean’, which is very good as I was simultaneously doing a 48-hour no shower test on a roll-on! On a side-note this bottle does not travel well in aeroplanes, even as hand luggage. I lost ¼ of a bottle en route to JHB. Or I could say my clothing gained ¼ of a bottle!

‘P.S .the test is over and I am still wearing it.’
– Vicky

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4 Responses

  1. Because of the price i think i will give it a go because it’s affordable and i love the packaging never tried any Coty products before so i might become a fan will give feed back on this product

  2. Thanks for the honest review. I’ll definitely stay away from this product !!

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