Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Daily Lip Protectant

This daily moisturising treatment replenishes lips with eight essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals while providing advanced broad spectrum SPF 20 sun protection against damaging UVA/UVB rays. Lips feel softer and smoother with a healthy-looking, radiant shine.

What we say:
If there’s a beauty product I am highly experienced in testing, it’s lip balm. My lips tend to get very dry and I have tried loads of products to combat the inevitable cracking and chapping.

Already a major fan of the Eight Hour range, I couldn’t wait to try this lip balm, and – no surprises here – it is incredible! It has a thick consistency and leaves your lips with a sheer glossy look. Plus it has a neutral scent that I love (nothing like sweet, fruity lip glosses to put me off). I find it stays on really long too, and I only find myself reapplying after I’ve eaten.

Not only does it leave my lips feeling soft, and chap-free, but I love that it offers sun protection too. I can see this product becoming a permanent inhabitant in my make-up bag.
– Anien

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26 Responses

  1. This is my ultimate lip rescue product. I am currently on medication for my skin and one of the side effects is extremely dry skin….chapped lips. For the first few weeks I was like a crazy person, looking for the product to save my lips…..and then my mum came to my rescue with this beauty. Now I always ensure i have 2, one in the handbag and one next to my bed.

    This ladies, is a must have! Even my dermatologist was amazed how great my lips looked.

  2. I LOVE this product – It is awesome, compact packaging to carry around anywhere you go. It leaves lips feeling moist, hydrated and healthy!

  3. In such an over saturated market, it is hard to find a truly amazing lip balm. But ladies, this is it!

    I first started using the classic Eight Hour Cream as a lip product when I was taking roaccutane many years ago. I’m sure anyone who has been there knows that almost nothing helps for the dry chapped lips associated with this medication. But luckily I had been warned and was armed with this trusted product and it literally saved my lips! Even though I needed to apply every few hours, it did the job beautifully!

    Then when I needed a replacement, I was advised to try the lip balm rather than the classic cream. I was sceptical to deviate from what I loved, but I must say the lip balm is even better. To compare the two: The lip balm is much less glossy (which is a good thing), it is more expensive per volume, is has a beautiful minty taste which tingles ever so slightly, it lasts a really long time!

    The advantage of the classic Eight Hour Cream is that you get more product for your money and you can use it on your hands (it is a miracle worker for dry cuticles!) and other areas of the body. Many people use it as a lip balm as well, but the taste is not great and it looks very glossy (almost watery). Despite this it is still a fantastic option if you cant get your hands of the Lip Balm.

    A must have in my opinion!

  4. I’ve been using this Intensive Lip Repair Balm in conjunction with the Nourishing Lip Balm, and the results are simply amazing without a doubt. My lips have been horribly chapped and hurt due to the weather and I wanted instant relief and this was my solution.

    This balm comes in a frosted glass pot, which has a pure white lid with the figure eight in different sizes and the Red Door Intensive Lip Repair Balm label. I feel this product has a really classy look and for the price and quality of the product, you really getting the best treatment by using the product.

    The formula is a lovely rich creamy gel which is similar to petroleum jelly. It’s a lovely peachy colour with the original eight hour protectant cream scent. This amazing balm delivers intense, long-lasting moisture that immediately soothes lips. The best part about this amazing balm is that it also helps strengthen lip’s delicate moisture barrier, leaving lips healthier-looking and more beautiful than ever.

    This amazing balm contains :
    Shea Butter
    Palm Tree Butter
    Essential Fatty Acids
    Honey Extract
    This intense mixture of emollients helps seal in moisture as it smoothes and softens lips.

    To help heal dry, chapped lips and create a protective film to help hold moisture on the skin the product contains :
    Arnica Flower Oil

    To help condition, smooth and repair the look of lips, the product contains :
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin A
    Watercress Extract

    And last but not least, to provide immediate soothing relief, the product contains :
    Menthol Lactate

    PRO’s and CON’s of the Intensive Lip Repair Balm

    The balm is nourishing
    The balm leaves lips soft
    The balm contains vitamins
    The balm heals chapped lips
    The balm leaves lips soft and smooth
    The balm is refreshing
    The balm is non sticky
    The balm is not heavy or waxy
    The balm needs a small amount
    The product comes in a pot which is a bit unhygienic
    The product is expensive
    The product has the strange scent
    The pot has a small amount of balm
    The balm isn’t SPF20

    This balm has a soothing effect as soon as its applied to lips. The balm goes on smooth and feels silky on lips, there’s no sticky feeling or no heavy waxy feeling on lips. As soon as the balm is applied on lips, lips have a cool menthol feel on lips which is absolutely refreshing. I would really recommend you purchase this product because its an amazing balm and is perfect for the winter blues to help lips and give lips the TLC they deserve. The balm can be used over lipstick or by itself for protection. The balm has a lovely sheer and glossy feel so it can be used as a lip gloss replacement. Lips only need a small amount of balm to be protected for hours. The balm is in a pot which can be unhygienic, however I apply the balm with a cotton bud because its cleaner and the bud has a perfect application. The balm retails for R175

  5. I love Elizabeth Arden products, so I was pretty excited to give this a try. However I find that it does not really live up to my expectations. Or my expectation was too high for this. I feel pretty much neutral about this product.

  6. Elizabeth Arden’s amazing 8hr lip balm is a total must have. Softest lips with no sickeningly sweet added flavors/scents. Love it!

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