Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Daily Lip Protectant

This daily moisturising treatment replenishes lips with eight essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals while providing advanced broad spectrum SPF 20 sun protection against damaging UVA/UVB rays. Lips feel softer and smoother with a healthy-looking, radiant shine.

What we say:
If there’s a beauty product I am highly experienced in testing, it’s lip balm. My lips tend to get very dry and I have tried loads of products to combat the inevitable cracking and chapping.

Already a major fan of the Eight Hour range, I couldn’t wait to try this lip balm, and – no surprises here – it is incredible! It has a thick consistency and leaves your lips with a sheer glossy look. Plus it has a neutral scent that I love (nothing like sweet, fruity lip glosses to put me off). I find it stays on really long too, and I only find myself reapplying after I’ve eaten.

Not only does it leave my lips feeling soft, and chap-free, but I love that it offers sun protection too. I can see this product becoming a permanent inhabitant in my make-up bag.
– Anien

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26 Responses

  1. So recently it’s been freezing in Durban which had a horrible reaction on my look lips. My lips went all dry and chapped, it looked horrible because when I put on lipstick it looked really dry on my lips and the lipstick had a really “cracked” look. I knew there must be something to solve this problem. I visited Edgars and purchased some amazing Elizabeth Arden products.

    The Elizabeth Arden assistant is my friend and is always super friendly, so she introduced me to the Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm. It’s really new on the market but it’s selling like crazy and I’ve realised why.

    This amazing balm comes in a classic white squeeze tube with a silver lining strip at the end of the cap. The cap is a screw on cap so you know there’s no messy leaks in bags and pockets. There’s a bonus about the item which I really loved. The squeeze tube has a small hole for the product to come out and has a lovely slanted tip for perfect application, and to make your life so much easier, they’ve included a small skewer in the cap which actually goes into the hole when the cap is closed so you don’t waste the product.

    I actually saved this amazing fact for last. The product has the figure “8” all over the balm tube in different sizes, which made me wonder why at first until I read about the product. The secret about the number eight is that the product contains eight essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals so lips feel softer and smoother. Those amazing vitamins, nutrients and minerals are:
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B1
    Omega 6
    Omega 3

    I’m sure you’re convinced that you should own this product because its really essential for winter. Here’s what I got to say about this product:

    I was super excited to try this on, I squeezed the tube slightly and a small amount came out, you don’t actually need a lot of the product because a little goes a long way with it. As much as the tube applicator is for applying the balm, I find it easier to use my fingers and apply it properly to my lips. At first when I squeezed out a little of the product I thought it was a bit too thick because it had a petroleum jelly kind of look in a peachy colour. However once I applied it I allowed my worry to fade away. This product left me speechless. The exact same afternoon I could feel a difference to my cracked and chapped lips. I was so impressed. Although the product has a slightly strange smell, I grew on the smell because I could live with it for the major improvement it did to my lips of course. I noticed that when this product isn’t on my lips I feel absolutely naked. The balm is perfect to use over lipstick as a gloss for extra lip protection on the go. I’ve been using this product over my lip stick and gives an amazing gloss, plus it makes my lipstick last longer. So a sheer shine and super soft and sexy lips, can you say no? It’s been exactly two weeks that I’ve been using the product and wow! My lips have transformed like magic.”

    PRO’s and CON’s

    Super nourishing
    Contains seven emollients to seal moisture
    Heals lips within days
    It’s SPF20
    Contains eight essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals
    Leaves lips soft and smooth overnight
    A little bit of the product goes a long way
    No sticky feeling
    Lips have a glossy shine
    Lips look more healthy
    The tube allows easy application
    The tube doesn’t allow the product to be wasted

    The product is quite pricey
    The product comes in a small tube
    The product has a slight strange smell

    I would recommend you give this product a try ASAP! It’s perfect for lips which need some extra TLC. The product is clinically and dermatologist tested and is hypoallergenic. So it’s perfectly safe for everyone. I think everyone’s lips deserves this product.

  2. This is a great product to use if very dry itchy skin is making your life miserable. I love using this cream for my sore cracked heels. I use it before I go to bed and I make sure my feet are covered in this cream. I sleep with socks on and when I wake in the morning my feet are happy and soft. I do this once a week as a pampering treatment. I also use it on my cracked winter lips and it is amazing. It gives lovely soft kissable lips. This is a lovely product which I will recommend as it is amazing.

  3. I love this product, it is a little pricey but you only need a little, so it is definitely worth it, as it lasts forever. It is a winter must have.

  4. The Elizabeth Arden lip product is very nice , i’ve used it for a long time,but i won’t repurchase.For me its a little to expensive there’s similar products like that on the market that lasts just as long and is way more affordable. And the other thing i also didnt like is the smell but otherwise its very hydrating on the lips.

  5. I have used this product for the passed 2 year and I must say – as a lip moisturizer it does the job in the most superb way! I love the smell, texture and event the colour. Lasts forever on the lips and lasts forever in the tube. 5 out of 5 for me!!

  6. Yes its not as cheap as other products but it lasts a long time. Ive had mine for over a year and I use it all the time this is one of my favourite products.

  7. I got this product for my mum, she tends to get dry and flaky skin on her face around her upper cheek, nose and forehead area, she started using this product and results were almost instant, after 1 days use her skin went back to normal no peeling in sight :-)

    I’ve used it on my lips and face and I am extremely pleased with the results

  8. This is such an amazing product. Every woman should be seen having one in her hand bag. Now you can have gorgeous sexy lips all day long….MWAH

  9. A friend once lent me hers…I wouldn’t have ever paid that price for a glorified lip balm… But after a few hours, I was converted! This really is amazing, lasts forever, looks glossy and does heal and protect lips. Definitely something I will be using this Winter!

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