Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

A perennial favourite, this cream helps relieve chapped, cracked and dry skin. Use to shape brows, revitalise shine and smooth cuticles.

What we say:
‘Finally, I’ve found something that actually offers instant relief for cracked skin! Whenever I do any hand washing or wash the dishes, my fingertips – specially the thumbs, actually – get painful cracks that make my life a misery. They don’t look like anything dramatic but the pain is out of proportion when compared to their appearance, and even running my fingers through my hair makes me want to scream. I’ve tried putting plasters on them, but they just get wet when I wash my hands and make things worse. Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is a wonderful, thick, waxy cream reminiscent of beeswax, and it has a fresh, herby fragrance unlike many other products like this. Wonderful stuff! I’ll definitely keep it on hand in future (no pun intended). The only downside is I won’t have any more excuses for not doing the washing…’
– Lynn

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37 Responses

  1. Such a versatile product. I use it on my whole family. Not only is this product a beauty must-have, but I use it for medicinal purposes too. Burns, abrasions, rashes…the list doesn’t end. I use it on my face, hands, feet. I love the smell although I have been told that not everyone appreciates it. I often include a tube of Eight Hour Cream in gift bags for my family and friends since anyone can and should use it. I am currently using it to treat a surface burn wound and I am perfectly happy with the results.

  2. It’s a great product and works like a bomb . I use it on insect bites and pimples too. While the original product does have a medicinal smell I don’t mind because I use it at night and I know that it works.

  3. This apricot-coloured balm with its slight medicinal scent soothes, smooths, hydrates and heals skin. The product which contains Vitamin E, Salicylic Acid and Petrolatum has an endless list of uses including but certainly not limited to moisturizing hands, elbows, knees and heels, soothing sunburn and adding shine to lips. I also use it on insect bites and stings with great success. The balm relieves the burning and itching sensation fast. A little goes a very long way. Two thumbs up for affordability.

  4. I have never understood the fuss behind this “cult” product. It is a satisfyingly thick sticky paste that smells like a herbal ointment. However, I find it fails at its many ascribed uses:
    As a lip gloss, it is much too sticky.
    It is too shiny to use to tame eyebrows.
    It doesn’t work particularly well to soften cuticles and don’t dare use it to tame your fly-aways -unless you like the look of oily hair.
    I have had the same tube for over five years. Not because it is long-lasting, but rather because it is not particularly good at anything it is supposed to do. Occasionally, when I have the sniffles, I might remember it exists and use it to relieve my chapped nose (although I find my lip butter works much better).
    I must admit, I love the medicinal smell: it makes me think it must be good for something. The packaging is also extremely attractive and conveniently sized.

  5. An incredible product that brings relief and seems to resuscitate dry or irritated skin. Also excellent for nails and cuticles, and I love the scent. A must for every woman’s beauty bag. Love it.

  6. I love this stuff! My model-best-friend first alerted me to to it’s magical powers three years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. It really is an amazing multi-purpose beauty product. I use it most often as a lip treatment, put it on before bed and wake up with super soft lips! Applied over lipstick, it gives a lovely sheen and makes the colour last longer. I occasionally suffer from patches of eczema, but a bit of eight hour cream for a couple of days clears it right up. I’ve also discovered that it works well in healing fever blisters faster, and without leaving blemishes. Lately I’ve been using it as a brow gel. The uses are almost endless! Some people are put off by the smell, but I don’t mind it, considering how powerful it is. It is really rich, and a little goes a loooong way. My first tube lasted me ages, it really is worth every cent. I noticed that it did melt a bit in the heat, so don’t leave it in the car in summer!

  7. This is a must for any woman! It is the most intensely moisturising cream on the market. Actually it is more like a gel rather than a cream and you only need the tiniest of amounts. It is also great as a hand/ foot mask to apply before you go to bed. I use it mostly as a cuticle treatment and if I feel the need as an eyebrow gel. But there are literally endless uses for this miracle product!

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