Esse Gel Cleanser

There is a complex ecosystem of microbes that live on the surface of skin. The way in which skin is cleansed is one of the most important aspects in ensuring a healthy microbial environment exists. We have used ultra-mild surfactants that do not strip the natural lipid barrier of the skin. Harsh cleansing opens up the skin to the opportunistic, non-beneficial microbes that accelerate ageing.

Active Treatment:
This foaming, tingling wash deep cleanses without drying the skin.
African Aloe Vera exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and regulates immune function
Mild, biodegradable, plant-based foaming agents create a luxury lather that feels refreshing and stimulating, but does not dry or strip the skin.
Spearmint, Peppermint, Caraway, and Rosemary deliver a distinctive fresh fragrance.

Size: 200ml
Availability: Selected spas and salons. Find a stockist nearest to you here.

What we say:
This cleanser is an absolute treat! Gel cleansers are my favourite, and this one does not disappoint. The first thing I noticed about it was how refreshing it was – not only does it have a refreshing scent, but it feels refreshing on the skin too (which I’m sure is due to the spearmint and peppermint). It lathers nicely, removes all traces of dirt and makeup doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry after you’ve washed it off. It smells fantastic and has a real luxurious feel to it. The scent and texture transports me straight to the spa, which is apt, as Esse products are used in spas across SA. I love that it’s made locally and that it comes in a glass bottle as opposed to plastic.
– Anien 


3 Responses

  1. I’ve tried many, many cleansers and always come back to this one. It cleanse well without irritating my sensitive prone to adult acne skin. I use a tiny tiny amount day and night and the 200ml bottle lasts 2 months. A staple in my bathroom. I’m yet to try the new cleanser from the sensitive range!

  2. I love the scent of this cleanser, it’s very refreshing and leaves skin feeling very refreshed. I’m happy to use this in the morning as a light rinse but it’s not very good at removing makeup. So I would suggest that you remove your makeup thoroughly before washing up with this cleanser.

  3. I’ve always loved the Esse Cocoa Exfoliator, so I was keen to give this gel cleanser a go. The first thing I noticed was the colour – it’s an orange-brown hue, which is unusual as most cleansers are clear or white. The consistency is lovely, not too runny, yet not too thick. It has a lovely fresh peppermint scent which I love, it really leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. The packaging is great too. I love pump bottles and even more so when they’re made of glass. Eco-friendly, animal-friendly and free of nasty chemicals, this is a great product for anyone who wants an eco-conscious cleanser that doesn’t skimp on performance.

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