Esse Nourish Moisturiser

Dryness and sensitivity are both linked to a breakdown in the skin’s barrier function. Skin that has good barrier function will prevent moisture from leaving the skin too rapidly and will also keep toxins and opportunistic microbes out.
Low Molecular Mass Hyaluronic Acid boosts moisturisation and has an anti-ageing effect.

Key Actives:
Prebiotics – Inulin and α-glucanoligosaccharides have been shown to improve roughness and redness and reduce irritation in sensitive skin. Prebiotics favour the growth of beneficial microbes.
Probiotics – Nourish Moisturiser uses a probiotic extract of probiotic Lactobacillus species. This extract has the ability to improve the populations of beneficial microbes on skin. The overall effect is to boost skin condition and plump the skin by improving moisturisation and T-junction activity.

Size: 50ml
Availability: Selected spas and salons. Find a stockist nearest to you here.

What we say:
As I age, my skin is needing more and more hydration. I’ve also noticed that my skin’s barrier function needs all the help it can get. I put this moisturiser to the test hoping it would hydrate, nourish and protect my skin, and I am so pleased to say that it did just that. The moisturiser has a thick, creamy texture which I love. When you apply it to the skin it feels rich and indulgent. It absorbed well, without any effort on my part, and kept my skin feeling soft and hydrated all day. It has an earthy scent which I must admit took a little while to get used to as my moisurisers often have a perfumed scent, but after a couple of uses it grew on me and I actually enjoyed the scent. This was the first probiotic-rich moisturiser I have ever used, and I would certainly use it again!
– Anien

I saw a huge visible improvement in the hydration levels of my skin after using this moisturiser. As with cleansers, I tend to avoid the rich variety because I’m prone to breaking out, but this product was the complete opposite. Again the smell is also one of my favourite things about the entire Esse range.
– Nicky


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