Esse Toner Plus

The importance of microbes is well recognised in intestinal health but there is an equally intricate relationship between skin and microbes. Esse’s new Toner Plus is the first in a new line of products that includes our BIOME+ technology. This is a result of more than 5 years of intense scientific study of the relationship between skin and the microbes living on its surface.
Toner Plus is designed to educate the skin’s immune system and improve barrier function. It also optimises the environment for healthy microbial colonisation on the surface of the skin and includes both pre and pro-biotics.

Size: 100ml
Availability: Salons and spas country wide

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One Response

  1. This toner is very refreshing on the skin. I like spritzing it all over my face on a very hot day, or after a flight, as it seems to hydrate and refresh the surface. I wouldn’t use it every day though, as I don’t find that it does anything to my skin unless it is very dry or dehydrated. The spray nozzle is great for an all-over spritz, but I sometimes find that I end up misjudging, and spray onto my hair and ears. This is a great natural alternative if you want to avoid products containing a lot of chemicals.

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