Essence Lipstick

Intense and subtle shades guarantee a fabulous splash of color on your lips. The color-coded packaging makes reaching for your favorite shade even easier!

Price: R38.95
Availability: Selected Clicks & Dis-Chem stores


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  1. My daughter recently went to a function presented by Power Woman Project on the day she received a goody bag filled with essence products, we have been fighting over the lipstick since. I had to go out and buy more. It really lasts a long time, I can go out with confidence not having to check my lipstick in the mirror constantly.

  2. So I have eczema  and can’t use normal powder blushers. I use essence lipstick now as my blusher. It blends beautifully and look great!

  3. I recently went on an Essence haul and purchased these lippies at Dischem. The packaging is cute and overall I love this product. The colour does not last very long though and need touch up after a few hours, but for the price, I am definitely loving it.

  4. As I was trolling the aisles of a pharmacy yesterday on the lookout for dark and rich shades of lipstick (just something to add some freshness for the new year) i came across the essence range of lipsticks, completely affordable and could easily give the other brands a run for their money but i felt the colour pay of wasn’t the best, yes it glided on smoothly and had some pigment to it,I would however refer to it as a tinted balm. Smooth, silky, tinted and affordable, easily something i would buy.

  5. Hello Hi fellow Beauty Addicts!

    I wouls like to chat about the Essence lipstick I’ve been using for a couple of months now, the sophisticated “Cool Nude” lip colour. It makes me feel like a Kardashian. It looks so natural on my lips and leaves my lips moisturised and hydrated long enough. Alothough I must admit I have to reapply it twice in 2 hours. Besides that, I love the fact that it doesnt cake up, which means no uncomfortable/awkward lip movements most ladies suffer from to avoid caking of lipstick.

    The packaging is quite cute, black chubby_ish tube with a touch of the actual lip colour when the tube opens. and the name of the lipstick is placed under the tube with a sticker twhich matches the lipstick colour. Making it easy to remember which colour you’re using. It looks so good, trust me, people will want to know the brand and the name of your lipstick!

    Thats it from me, happy lip colouring!

  6. I have this lipstick No. 53 All About Cupcake. Its a lovely nude pink shade. It goes on rather light but you can build on the colour. I usually wear bright lipsticks but I really like this pink. I just wish that the lipstick lasted a bit longer. The texture goes on smoothly and doesn’t cause any dryness. Overall this lipstick is a good product for those on a budget and the packaging is cute.

  7. Firstly the colour range is brilliant, so many beautiful colours to choose from. I was skeptical because of how afford the price was but when I tried them I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is pretty and the colours on the package represent the product inside really well. They apply easily and the pigment is good therefore making it cost effective because you don’t need to use a lot of the product at one time. They last long and lips don’t dry out while wearing the lipstick. The colours can be woren daily and go really well with any make up look. i really enjoy using these lipsticks and have purchased many different shades. I would recommend these.

  8. Essence claims that this product is a lipstick and a gloss –

    2-in-1. I only bought one shade, Beauty Secret. The packaging is colour code and attractive. Once you get rid of the barcode sticker, you also get rid of the name of the shade. This shade lack pigment – there is a very subtle hint of colour – not enough to claim the “lipstick” part. The gloss is not too shiny or wet but it is a bit tacky. You know there is something on your lips.
    I would not re-purchase this product.


  9. I absolutely adore the Essence Coral Pick lipstick. Its the perfect companion for when you need a bit of colour in your day ♥

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