Essie Spring 2014 Collection

Essie Spring 2014 Collection

Jump into spring fashion with a playful palette of spring colours. There’s a shade of pastel to suit every style. Vintage denim for a relaxed look or creamy pistachio for an unexpected, elevated chic alternative to pink.
Shades include:
Hide & Go Chic – covetable azure blue
Fashion Playground – plucky pistachio shimmer
Romper Room – Pale Tea Rose Pink
Spin the Bottle – Semi-sheer nudeStyle Hunter – laser sharp crimson
Truth or Flare – Vintage Blue Denim

What we say:
I seldom buy Essie nail polishes as they are quite expensive if I take into consideration just how often I buy nail polish (way too often!). The Spring 2014 collection though is one that I would definitely invest in. If you are a fan of blue nail polish, this is one collection that you will definitely want to get your hands on. I tried the shades Fashion Playground, Truth or Flare & Hide & Go Chic.

There are also nude shades in the collection, but the blue are what really stand out. The formula is super easy to work with, & besides Fashion Playground, only requires 2 coats to reach the perfect opacity.

The polishes dry to a high shine finish & complement just about any outfit. These are definitely 3 shades that I will be wearing all Spring/Summer & I will be carrying Hide & Go Chic into winter with me.
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager


8 Responses

  1. There is something about a new Essie Nail polish that makes me so extremely happy! I have always loved the way the nail polish comes out. The bottle is simple but elegant and the colour always looks fantastic. Personally, Essie nail polish always lasts longer on my busy nails than other brands which is great.

    The newest addition to my Essie collection is an electric blue shade called ‘chills and thrills’. I have been searching for the right blue and this one automatically caught my eye. Today, I decided to try this colour.

    I am not a fan of very long nails, they just are not practical for me. So after preparing my nails to the right length and shape, I painted them this fantastic colour.

    The pigment in the nail polish was so strong that if I wasn’t a manicure snob, I would not even need a second coat. The second coat, however, just confirmed the beauty of this colour. I decided to accessorise my nails with some white chevron strips and dots.

    What I am loving about this colour is that although it is an electric blue shade, it has a lilac tinge to it which makes it feel a bit mysterious. Is it blue, is it purple? Who knows, but I know that ‘chills and thrills’ will certainly be one of my go-to colours for summer!

  2. I have Romper Room and Spin the Bottle from this collection and absolutely love it. Spin the Bottle is the most perfect nude shade for my skintone and Romper Room is still a very trendy colour to wear. Essie nail polish lasts the longest on my nails, totally worth the price.

  3. I love Essie nail polishes. They have gorgeous shades and are long-lasting. They are pure quality! I would recommend it to any girl who loves to paint her nails often. Essie never disappoints!

  4. I fell head over heels in love with this sapphire blue nail polish with its intense shimmer. Applying it onto my nails was such a breeze. This nail polish is completely opaque and I only needed two coats, and my nails were looking fabulous. The thin brush ensured that I didn’t mess up my manicure and the nail polish glided on smoothly.

  5. I find this product to not really help with chipping, my nail polish lasts 2 days max. I feel for the price of R129, it should do a better job. However, the product does apply nicely and the brush is of good quality.

  6. I have only heard good things about Essie, about the lasting power and how streak-free they apply. However, I have their Fiji polish and it is the most streaky nail polish I have ever used. It is an absolutely gorgeous colour – almost white pink. However, it needs 4 coats before it is completely opaque. As you can imagine, it takes ages painting four coats, as you have to wait for each one to dry. As if painting your nails didn’t take long enough already, it also chips within three days with me. I really wasn’t very impressed and they are not cheap, so I expected so much more. I am almost too afraid to try any other shades!

  7. It’s very hard to believe one can go wrong with Essie. The colours are fun, original and have a modern edge to them making it absolutely impossible to resist standing in front of an Essie’s counter for hours. (Not to mention the names are fun to read!)

    For a long while I was drawn to the subtle colours Essie was providing i.e. those insipid, girly tones that make any outfit seem just a tad more elegant. One of my personal favourites is “fiji” which has made it to my nails time and time again. That being said, I felt it was time to step it up a notch and try a colour that is more… Out there?

    Due to my light bronze skin (being of South American decent) I usually favour the coral colours. They tend to compliment my golden undertones. That being said “cute as a button” was an absolute winner. Easy application and lasting about a week without chipping (assuming you have applied a top coat), this new fun colour made it to my nails time and time again while I was on holiday at the coast.

    Despite not looking in the least bit like a hippie (in the midst of the coffee bay sun tanners), I couldn’t resist looking down at my strawberry toes. This is a must have if you’re looking for a way to make your look more exciting. My only concern is that the colour does not match everything one and I don’t feel I will wear it to my next meeting. But I’ll be sure to reapply it as soon as the boring aspects of life have subdued.

  8. Essie are one of the more pricey nail polishes but well worth the money, I believe, when you take into account the formulation that glides onto your nails effortlessly and the long lasting staying power. Essie usually offers a stunning array of shades to choose from, and the Spring 2014 collection is no different! I wish I owned every shade on offer!

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