Essie Winter 2013 Shearling Darling Collection

Essie Winter 2013 Shearling Darling Collection

“Be a shearling darling this season with colours so hot; there is no time to mind your mittens in the cold, frigid air. Layer up in a warm & toasty turtleneck and put on the parka perfect with the sable collar, it’s time for private lessons on the slopes. No matter what, you’ll toggle to the top in style!”

Price: R119
Availability: Exclusive to Sorbet


What we say:
I am (like all beauty girls) a massive Essie fan. I love the brush, the design of the bottle and most of all… The major array of stunning shades available. Every season I wait with baited breath to find out what colours Essie will be releasing in their new collections, and every season I am impressed. For Winter 2013 (bear in mind that we are a season behind in SA, so this arrived on our shores in 2014), Essie released a collection called “Shearling Darling” which consists of six stunning wintery shades.

I have been wearing the vampire-red “Shearling Darling” shade, a deep red that’s both sexy and sophisticated. I love the colour because it goes with everything I wear, plus it works wonders on all skin tones.

In terms of longevity, I was slightly disappointed, as my nails started chipping on the fourth day of wear (I normally manage five before my first chip), though I am convinced that the freezing cold weather has something to do with the staying-power.

The other shades in the range consist of a dark teal blue, a frosty blue-grey, a reddish brown, a red glitter and a milky mauve. If you love nails as much as we do, this is definitely a collection you need to try!
– Anien, BSA Content Editor

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2 Responses

  1. I never thought I would be, but I am obsessed with this gorgeous nail colour! It’s a pale blue-grey shade, making it the ideal winter colour for your nails. It’s definitely one of my favourites for the season.

    Besides the amazing colour, this nail polish has a shimmer finish, which I am mad about. Another quality I really love about this nail polish is that it wears long without chipping. It’s hard to find a nail polish that doesn’t chip the minute it’s been applied, so I am very impressed with this product.

    I would recommend this product to anyone that loves pastel colours or anyone that’s looking for a beautiful shade for winter. This nail colour is different and will add some spark to those cold days.

  2. I, like a lot of women, am a nail polish addict with about thirty different bottles sitting in my closet. I have the light blue shade called “Essie Mind your Mittens” from this collection. This is a frosty blue grey colour, that was long lasting and did not chip quickly. It’s a perfect shade for the winter weather.

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