Essie Winter Collection

The essie winter collection boasts 6 alluring new shades.

Catch a double-decker bus to swinging sixties London. Slip on your tallest heels because this party on a platform is ready to boa. Relax and go with the flowy as you and your satin sister make the scene at the coolest clubs. What do you think about getting groovy, baby? oh behave!

RS Price: R134,95 each.

Availability: From Clicks and Dis-Chem.


7 Responses

  1. This is probably my favourite nail polish brand at the moment. It dries quickly, its easy to apply and it actually lasts more than a week without chipping off. The colours are amazing.

  2. I cannot afford to go to the nail salon like my colleges. So I bring the salon home. Essie for me has the best quality, longer lasting and colorful products. I create my own salon creation, people think I did my nails in the salon.

  3. This was easy to apply and gave great coverage in just two coats. I wore it on my hands for a week without any issues. It does not wear off easily and dries off quickly. I would recommend it to anyone who looking for a quick fix that lasts for a long time. I feel that with Essie each new collection just keep improving and as does the quality and wearability. Essie is always a go to range for me.

  4. As a busy mother, wife and career woman I don’t often get the chance to visit the salon for manicures and gel treatments. No problem! A coat or two of Essie nail polish hides the fact that I don’t always put myself first. The gorgeous, glossy colours give me the freedom to change my look whenever I want to. The quality of the polish is excellent and it hardly ever requires a touch-up between applications.

  5. I received the shade Satin Sister. I absolutely love Essie nail polishes as the quality is outstanding – the polish is the least likely to chip on my nails, it is always a decently pigmented colour, and the shade ranges are so stunning.
    Unfortunately, while I did swatch this, and I loved the colour, I’m more of a neutrals or burgundy gal on my fingernails, so this has gone on to a friend who gets a little more adventurous with her nail polish. She absolutely LOVES it!

  6. Nail polish has always been a nightmare for me. Even using my dominant hand I would always get it everywhere but my nails, and it has been so frustrating. Don’t even get me started on a second and third coat. Ugh!

    I approached this nail polish with extreme caution being so scared of it smearing everywhere, but it was SO easy to apply. It was not sticky or clumpy. Just smoothed on so nice and opaque. I love these colours and it has been three total days and has not chipped at all, which is saying a lot since I work with my hands all day every day.

    These are definitely my new favourites. It’s basically a pro manicure in a bottle. Yes, please!

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