Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise

A fragrance fantasy…an intoxication of the senses. Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise transports you to a perfect world of optimism and wonder. Unfolds on your skin with a fascinating blend of tropical wetness, zesty freshness and bursting floralcy.

Price: R750 for 50ml

Retailers: Selected department stores nationwide.

I’ve never believed in having a signature fragrance.  My fragrance collection is almost as large as my shoe collection, and I have a different scent to suit my every mood. I select my fragrance for the day the same way I do my outfit – in front of an open cupboard door with everything on display, and then reach for the one I feel drawn to.

However… There is one exception to my approach. For my seventeenth birthday, my mom gave me a bottle of Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise. It was my first “non-teenager” fragrance, and I instantly fell in love with the scent. To me, it embodies exactly what its name suggests – I am transported to a tropical paradise every time I smell the beautiful combination of exotic flowers, ambrette seed, zebrano wood and fruits.

I have since gone through a couple of bottles of Beyond Paradise, but never fail to replace it as soon as it empties. It is my go-to fragrance for almost every occasion, and I have worn it to every job interview, family function and first date I’ve ever attended. I never grow tired of it and it never disappoints – the scent stays put the entire day long.

This little gem is the closest I have ever come to having my own signature scent and I can wear it no matter what the weather or my mood. Definitely one of my top favourite fragrances of all time!

– Anien


8 Responses

      1. May The Peace and BLESSINGS of ALMIGHTY GOD be with you.

        Hi Anien

        Trust you well

        Where can I get this particular bottle of Beyond Paradise.

        The delivery will be to South Africa.

        Currency will be ZAR.

        Thank you for your assistance.



        ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS you and your family

  1. This is such a great scent for day time… its soft and pretty and gets attention wherever I go…suits personalities that are feminine and romantic.. my favourite Estee Lauder fragrance by a mile..

  2. My dad bought this perfume for me years ago when I was still in school. It smells divine.

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