Eucerin MEN Intense Anti-Age Revitalizing Care

Eucerin Men

Eucerin MEN Intense Anti-Age Revitalizing Care contains a triple anti-age action to reactivate skin own regeneration process, to fight premature ageing and to provide 24-hour hydration.

Price: R199.99
Availability: Discontinued in South Africa

What we say:
I’ve used Eucerin on and off over the years and have always been impressed with their skincare products. This was the first one from the brand’s mens range that I’ve used and I’ll admit I was disappointed to discover that it didn’t make my face bullet-proof. It does, however, stop signs of ageing from wrinkles and UVA damage (according to the packaging at least).

The pump action bottle makes the application process quick and clean as well as ensuring the correct amount is dispensed every time. I’ve got an oily skin type so I was relieved to find that the product is more like a gel than a cream,  both non-greasy and non-sticky. That being said, by the end of the day I did find my face to feel a bit muggy. The scent is neutral enough to not interfere with my fragrances but also fresh enough to prick the skin pleasantly on application.

Now with summer coming I’ll probably move on to a lighter product but I’ll definitely keep this product in mind when next winter comes along.
– Julian

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One Response

  1. Why eucerin stopped in south africa, I was using the product and it suddenly went out of stock. What eucerin product can I use as a replacement to men?

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