Eucerin Sun Crème Tinted SPF 50+

Eucerin Sun Crème Tinted SPF 50+

Very high UVA / UVB protection for the face, neck and chest. It protects from acute and long-term sun-induced skin damages, strengthening the skin’s own cell protection against free radicals. At the same time the light creamy texture provides an even, natural tan, conceals imperfections as well as prevents further darkening of pigment spots. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Price: R179.99
Availability: Selected retailers nationwide.

What we say:
I’ve finally found what I’m looking for! A moisturiser that is tinted and is sunscreen for my face!? Glorious! I am so pleased with the finish and the feeling it leaves behind after it has absorbed. Speaking of absorption, it’s quick and leaves no residue behind. My skin feels great! I can now leave the house with great confidence since I no longer have to worry about the sun and its harmful rays on my skin. It lasts long and I have no worries about burning or peeling after a day out in the sun.
– Blossom


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  1. I suffered my worst sunburn yet during March/April this year. The sunburn was really terrible under my eyes and my skin was hard, saggy and too disgusting to even touch. I have sensitive skin I was skeptical about what to use to treat it because other products caused more inflammation. This product was recommended by a sports mate of mine claiming that it cured her severe sunburns in the past. So I tried it…

    It did not cause any irritation or redness. My skin peeled slowly and the sunburn began to gently heal. It took about 2 weeks for my skin to return to its normal and softer form. I am really impressed by this product and never forget to put on every time I know its going to be a long day in the sun!

  2. My dermatologist had suggested that I use a sunscreen, before I apply my moisturizer. Eucerin was the first product that I tried. After cleansing, I apply Eucerin, then my serum, foundation and my make up. I have never looked back and this is part our my daily routine.

  3. I love this stuff. My mom gave me a bottle when I moved to sun beating Cape Town. My face doesn’t feel like it’s burning from the sun when I wear it. And it keeps my skin moisturized and glowing too, an added bonus indeed.

  4. This was the first Eucerin product I used and I loved it immediately. I liked that it did not leave my skin looking and feeling oily. It was a nice sized bottle so I could carry it around in my bag without worrying. The twist cap was a bit annoying but not a huge problem. The fluid was runny and not thick which I appreciate because no one has time to be smearing thick gooey stuff on their face.

  5. Eucerin gives the perfect amount of coverage for summer while remaining light and fresh, a perfect item for summer.

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