Nivea Express Hydration Hand cream

Nivea Express Hydration Hand Cream for normal to dry hands provides an instant burst of hydration which is absorbed instantly, leaving hands hydrated without stickiness or greasiness.

What we say:
I am a hand cream aficionado. I have tubes of it EVERYWHERE: next to my chair in front of the tv, on my desk next to my computer, next to my bed, in the bathroom… you get the drift. I choose my hand cream based on price, smell, and obviously – and most importantly – how it feels on my hands. If it feels sticky, or as if I haven’t even applied any cream, or if my hands feel greasy and as if I need to wash them straight after applying the cream, then it’s a no-go.
I am a big fan of Nivea generally, and this product is no exception: big ticks next to all of my criteria: the price is excellent; it smells DELICIOUS; and it manages that balance between making my hands feel hydrated – but not greasy. Five out of five from me.
– Irene


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  1. This is a great product. It is non-greasy and does not make my hands feel oily after I have used it. It absorbs very quickly. It is also very cost-effective. I did not like the smell all that much initially (too salty) but it isn’t a strong overpowering smell so I can live with it. The formula is light and manageable so it doesn’t take forever to rub in. Love this product

  2. I started using a friend at work’s Nivea Express Hydration as I’d left my previous brand’s cream at home, after the first usage I could not stop using her cream and soon had to buy myself and her a new tube, it works like magic!

  3. Nivea is just the best! Their hand creams come in a variety of formulations and they are all equally wonderful. I find that the moisture is absorbed very quickly without leaving oily residues on the hands (which could be problematic at work). It is a beauty staple that every woman should have in her handbag and wherever she may need a quick fix for tired hands.

    AND for R25 seriously what better can you buy for that price!? Not even a sandwich!

  4. Yes, this NIVEA EXPRESS HYDRATION HAND CREAM, has a name that actually says what it does! It will put back the WATER into your skin QUICKLY. It has a lovely fragrance, that will make you want to use it often (good sales technique – makes the customer use the product more – will finish the product quicker – to go out and buy another one. This product comes in a handy little tube to slip into your handbag or have standing next to the sink in the kitchen or have in your car – quick and easy to use,and because you are putting water back into the skin and there is no product in that acts as a barrier,you will have to use it more,especially if you are doing dishes throughout the day or you are out in the sun alot. REPLACE,REPLACE,REPLACE that WATER, to keep the skin hydrated,soft and supple.

  5. I have been having a problem with dry hands for quit sometime now up till I came across this product I must say I am really impressed as my dry hands problem has been resolved ever since I started using the Nivea Express Hydration Hand Cream. And an edit bonus is it makes my hands soft as well.

  6. this is a must have for every women …ladies you have to try it out…..rem ladies we wash our hands often and we need to always keep them hydrated, try this and you will love it….my finance’ uses it…wink wink

  7. I have very dry hands especially during winter so will definitely be looking out for this hand cream next time i go to the shops.

  8. This is the best hand cream, it lasts long, moisturises intensely and smells so so so fresh!

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