Oh So Heavenly Extended Moisture Deep Nourishing Body Wash

Finally, the body wash your skin has been looking for! Enriched with an advanced Nutriumlock complex, this superior formulation contains 100% natural moisturising oils which absorb into the skin to instantly nourish and moisturise.

The rich formulation contains as many moisturisers as a bottle of Oh So Heavenly body lotion to provide nourishment and moisturisation to dry skin. Rich in Omegas 6 + 9 to help soften skin whilst cleansing. Treat yourself everyday with a healthy dose of skin food. Dry, tigh skin… oh so not in!

Price: R29.99
Availability: Clicks stores nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:

oh so heavenly body wash

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14 Responses

  1. I love the fact that this product doesn’t leave my skin dry after bathing. It is definitely the best body wash to buy for winter.

  2. I love Oh So Heavenly products and this body wash is really good. I have really dry skin and usually after a shower, my skin starts to immediately flake. After using this body wash, I have noticed a big difference. My skin feels softer and smooth. My once dry skin is moist and looks healthy. I love that it combines a body wash and a body lotion which is really great.

  3. The Oh So Heavenly range is perfectly suited to meet the needs of women. This body wash not only smells amazing, but also keeps your skin feeling silky smooth. The bottle it comes in looks not only feminine, but also makes the product look like a luxurious top quality item. Perfect for the whole family as a little bit goes a long way.

  4. This is the best body lotion I have ever had! Now I want to start selling this to my people and gain profit in it as I see it as a very good product.

  5. I love this body wash. It is rich and moisturising while it does a great job at cleansing the skin. It foams beautifully and smells divine. I love that it does not irritate my eczema-prone skin. The price can’t be beat. I have yet to find an Oh So Heavenly product that does not impress me.

  6. Oh So Heavenly has always been the best! No lotion needed after your shower, that’s how much moisture is in this body wash.

  7. I love Oh So Heavenly body wash. You do’nt need to use a lot as it foams a lot. After a bath my skin is soft. Not expensive.

  8. Once again a great cost-effective product! It really smells heavenly and is great for my extra dry skin! I am never without it!

  9. This is an absolutely wonderful product. Smells fresh and leaves your skin soft and smooth. It doesn’t feel greasy and the moisture lasts for at least 12 hours. I use this product twice a day and have no dry skin anymore.

  10. I love the fragrance of Oh So Heavenly skin care products and they really nourish and moisturize the skin too. My skin is prone to tightness and dryness after long heated baths unless I moisturize profusely. This nourishing bath wash has really helped and it smells amazing, plus it won’t break the bank!

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