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Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner

An oil-free formula that holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base. It’s smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours, has the most intense line for lasting drama and is safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested.

What we say:
‘Ever wanted an alternative to just plain black gel liner? Well Maybelline has launched two new shades to their Gel Liner Black Collection – Gold and Chrome.

‘I was never a fan of eyeliners until I discovered gel liners. And the new Maybelline 24-hour wear Gold Gel Liner made even more of an impression on me. Instead of wearing a plain black liner, the new Gold black spiced things up a bit and added a subtle sparkle to my eyes. It has a great gel-like consistency, which glided onto my eyelid. I could create a perfect line and build it up too, if I liked.

‘Definitely a must try if you’re a gel liner fan. It comes with a nifty little brush and is perfect to carry around in your make-up bag.’
– Zoe


29 Responses

  1. this was my first eyeliner gel, and my surprise was easy to use and store. had a great experience. even got my bestie to try it and she was also stunned. It is a how different experience to the normal pencil and liquid, I do prefer the gels they seem t last longer.

  2. For only R 119.95 at Clicks, this amazing eyeliner can be used with the nifty brush it comes with or alternately you could use it like I do, with my finger. Ensure your fingers are dirt free though because you don’t want germs building up in this little black pot of wonder. The brush allows precise lines for that perfect cat eye look or any other winged line. The formulae is thick enough to provide a bold colour yet it doesn’t feel sticky on your eyelid. I use it in place of an eye pencil in the inner rims of my eye and it lasts the whole day without a touch up. I also use contact lenses and this is the only gel liner that doesn’t get onto my lenses despite it being applied in the inner rim of my eye. Perfect for that smokey-eyed look.

  3. I purchased the Maybelline gel liner in black this weekend. I loved the packaging, container and liner applicator brush. I am extremely disappointed with the lack of product. I cringed it was so upsetting.
    Why such a sizable container if there is little to no product in the container.

  4. This was the first gel liner I tried. I like a very dark black liner and out of the two the Gold looked darker to me and I purchased it. The brush lost its shape so easily and was pretty rough as well but the real shock was once applied the liner looks green-ish on me. Needless to say I’ve purchased a different brand and this lies at the back of my makeup stash.

  5. This is my luxurious eye liner. It has the perfect consistency with the perfect velvet texture. I especially like the brush because it helps me apply the eyeliner better than other eyeliner brushes. I find the eyeliner stays on quite long without smudging or looking like a raccoon. This is an amazing eyeliner and was probably one of the first “real” gel eyeliners I purchased. So it will always remain my favourite.

  6. im very impressed ! this is a nice product,and i think its similiar to the bobbi brown gel eyeliner and its way more affordable.I love the container and you also get a nice stiff brush that comes along with it.This gel eyeliner goes on very nice,i like the dark colour-it stays dark and i really have to remove it with makeup remover.It last very long.i will definitely repurchase this again.Maybelline’s got a winner here!

  7. so in, the new gel liner craze. i’m definitely getting my hands on this, maybelline eyeliners never fail to impress, affordable too

  8. I’ve never tried gel eyeliners before, I’ve used liquid eyeliner before and I did’nt like it that much, it smeared my eyes and was hard to remove.

  9. I am a big fan of gel liners and this reasonably priced liner didn’t dissapoint. I have it in Gold black which is a deeply pigmented b,ack with beautiful flecks of gold. I love the fact that it comes with a brush as well. The gorgeous gel glides on the eyes easily and you are left with smouldering eyes,Bollywood diva style! The staying power also impressed me. Overall a must have liner!

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