Fenjal Classic Luxury Creme Oil Body Wash

Fenjal Classic Body Wash

Enriched with precious pure jojoba oil, Fenjal Crème Body Wash is a soft, creamy smooth wash that gently cleanses and nourishes your skin, enriching it with the oils that everyday life steals away.

Price: R51.99

Availability: Selected retailers and pharmacies.

What we say:
There’s something about Fenjal that just feels like the height of luxury to me – I think it’s because when I was a child, Fenjal really was the height of luxury. Originally created more than 40 years ago in Switzerland, there’s a reason that Fenjal products are still around.

I love everything about this body wash: from the colour of the tube (all green and floaty sea shapes) to the (quite strong) classic, and instantly reconisable, fragrance (a secret blend with notes of vanilla, rose and pine needle) to the ultra-rich and creamy consistency of the product. You squish some of the white creaminess onto your sponge and it feels rich and luxurious and wonderful on your skin. Don’t be mislead by the word “oil” in the name – it’s not oily at all, just velvety and moisturising.
– Irene


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  1. Fenjal Classic luxury creme oil body wash leaves skin oh so silky smooth and moisturized. The product has a beautiful, distinct Jojoba scent that rests softly on your skin. I love the fact that the body wash lathers so abundantly. FCLCOBW comes in a convenient yet stylishly designed 200 ml squeeze tub. You get what you pay for with this fab product!

  2. My mother was using it, now I am using it and it makes me feel so fresh all day.

  3. I would hate to have oil scums on the bath tub,…it is such a relief that it is not oily.

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