Filorga Skin-Structure Firming and Redefining Serum

Filorga Skin-Structure Firming and Redefining Serum

When it comes to ageing, the majority of women find sagging skin to be more of a concern than wrinkles. That’s exactly why French cosmeceutical manufacturer Filorga decided to create its new Skin-Structure Firming and Redefining Serum.

Price: R865
Size: 30ml
Availability: Selected Edgars and Red Square stores.


What we say:
The Filorga Skin Structure Serum has an odd texture – a bit sort of like thinly curdled milk – but it smells DIVINE and goes on like a smooth, silky dream. It feels like it’s filling in all the cracks in my skin but not clogging them. My skin feels smooth and clean and looks fabulous.

The serum has a triple-action formula to tauten facial contours while restoring the structure and density of the skin to make it look more youthful. A blend of NCTF and a peptide collagen acid boost the production of skin support fibres while an active ingredient with a stretch effect tightens the skin. It is paraben free and suitable for all skin types.
– Irene

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  1. My mother swears by this product, and I must say, after I have tried it.  I want some too!

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