Filorga Sleep and Peel Resurfacing Night Cream

Filorga Sleep and Peel Resurfacing Night Cream

A new-generation cosmetic product that combines several resurfacing acids commonly used in aesthetic medicine. In addition to Filorga’s world-famous complex NCTF Chronosphere and hyaluronic acid, this five-in-one night cream contains a combination of 6 amino acids which assist in exfoliating and regenerating the skin and reducing pigmentation. Although it is only applied at night, Filorga’s Sleep and Peel continues to work during the day, focussing upon the natural renewal of the epidermis. Its ultra-controlled safe penetration assists in relieving any irritation, even on the most sensitive skin. This product is highly anti-inflammatory, and can thus be used every night, with no sensitising effect. Users wake to a pure, fresh complexion.

Price: R865
Size: 50ml
Availability: Selected Edgars and Red Square stores.

What we say:
Delicious, light, summery, fresh fragrance and a smooth texture that glides onto my skin. I’m not sure why it’s called Sleep and Peel – frankly, I was a bit concerned before I put it on that my skin was going to, well, peel. But in the interests of bringing you honest, trustworthy and FEARLESS reviews, I confronted my fears and applied the night cream. No peeling – or even tingling as you sometimes get with quite strong products, just a smooth, luxurious cream that makes my skin look and feel fantastic.

The Sleep and Peel contains a Hyaluronic acid in addition to the NCTF to which is added six varieties of AHAs of different molecular sizes that guarantee progressive and controlled exfoliations to leave skin smoothed and brightened.
– Irene

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2 Responses

  1. This is pricey but Boy Oh Boy, does this deliver right from the very first application! The texture is thick and rich, but yet disappears into skin. On rinsing, the face is plump, moisturised, comforted, lineless, poreless and refreshed.

  2. I bought this on my Edgar’s card. The idea of fresh renewed skin after a nights rest is very tempting. I was initially really apprehensive having images of my skin peeling off. This does not happen. You apply this fresh thick creamy mask type concoction and wake to fresher look refined skin. Pores are visibly smaller. Skin appears brighter and refined. I used this with my sensitive skin and experienced no discomfort.

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