ghd Final Shine Spray

Add healthy, glossy shine to your finished style with this lightweight and delicately scented spray.

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13 Responses

  1. I have thick, long hair and I usually use a hair oil such as the L’oreal Mythic Oil to tame flyaways or just as a finishing product after styling. As much as I love the oils, I will say that they do not finish like this spray does. It is lightweight and I love how it gives my hair a beautiful shine, especially after curling.

  2. Like my title says, your hair feels shiny and new with this product. After styling your hair, if you suffer from dull lifeless hair, using this product not only gives your hair a great shine, but it also locks in moisture and protects every strand it touches!
    As if this couldn’t get better, the spray smells really good :)

  3. Imparts an awesome final shine to your hair to make it look great and full of bounce!

  4. Atlast I finaly find something that will give my hair some life, i have such dead hair its unbelievable, atleast this will give that extra push it needs. Thanks

  5. I love finishing sprays, does this also moisturise, or is it just to add shine?

  6. I’ve been warned by several people against using any of the ghd products on my hair. All my friends say that it does nothing but make the hair look super oily… even my hairdresser warned against the use of them. She said it’s more of an oiling agent than a heat protectant.

  7. Love the GHD products, The shine spray and the heat protector spray are my favourites

  8. I have used most of the GHD hair products and a little goes along way. The sizes are also nice for traveling and popping them into your handbag.

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