Sensai by Kanebo Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet

Sensai’s deeply moisturising foundation has a 55% water content. It sheathes the skin in a delicate veil of moisture to provide daylong hydration while imparting a silky, healthy-looking sheen to the surface.

What we say:
‘This is an amazing foundation! I would describe it as a medium coverage foundation with SPF15. The consistency is great, not too runny; it goes on smooth and feels like velvet, and it’s very easy to blend and apply. In fact it blends so well that I use my fingers and don’t have to bother with brushes, sponges etc. Sensai’s Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet is truly long lasting as it lasted me all day at work. The packaging is simple and practical – a sturdy glass bottle with a pump and a black top. What impressed me most was the smell, it is divine never before have I smelled such a stunning scent from a foundation. I will definitely buy this product again!’
– Linda

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16 Responses

  1. I discovered this foundation about a year ago when I asked one of my friends what her secret was to gorgeous, luminous, flawless coverage.

    This foundation has medium-full coverage and gives just the right amount of luminosity rather than looking overly shiny. The look you get is of flawless radiant skin. It is one of my all-time favourites and I am yet to find a better liquid foundation.

  2. I was fortunate enough to win a bottle of Sensai Silk Eye Cream recently and have been using it for 3 weeks now with really interesting results. As I have mature skin, the reduction of fine lines around the eye area is top of my list so I’ve always invested in a good eye cream. However the Sensai eye cream absorbs instantaneously into the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth. The fine lines are still there but appear much softer and less accentuated. The texture of the eye cream is the lightest I’ve ever used and whilst I wouldn’t call it a miracle cream the results are significantly improved for me to now favour it over my existing and very reputable French product.

  3. This foundation is so creamy and soft and leaves a super silky finish, while covering up all those imperfections! What a winner!

  4. I have this gorgeous foundation in Almond Beige and it enhances your natural skin! No foundation that looks like a mask, no dehydrated skin, no melting foundation (handy if you live in humid Durban!). This foundation leaves me with flawless skin all day! A makeup artist applies this foundation for brides, that says a lot! My cult foundation indeed!

  5. I have heard and read only good things about products from this brand, it is a little more than I would pay for a foundation but after reading these reviews, I am willing to go out and buy it!

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