Avon Footworks Beautiful berry and vanilla smoothing scrub

Avon Foot Works Berry Vanilla Smoothing Scrub offers the sweet scent of vanilla and berries for tired feet.

What we say:
I never really pay much attention to my feet; I hate my toes, so I am inclined to keep my feet hidden inside shoes (the bootier, the better) and so they never really occur to me. To do anything to them, that is. So I was unenthusiastic about testing a footscrub. And no, I won’t say I am a convert. Not ALL movies have a happy ending.

It is a delicious, slightly alarming red colour and I smoothed it about my ugly feet, concentrating it, as recommended, on the rough parts. And then I rinsed it off. My feet felt smoother and softer, they did, but I am still not going to be paying the ugly fellas any more attention than they deserve.
I wasn’t mad about the smell and found it a bit sweet for my tastes, but my 19-year-old stepdaughter thought it was “very kewl”.
− Irene

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32 Responses

  1. I feel most groomed when my feet are in perfect condition. Seems amazing, a shlep to get hold of though…

  2. Works great on keeping skin smooth, but didn’t do anything in my moms cracked heels and she said that it burned her

  3. Keeps my feet in tip top condition. Prevents dryness and cracking that can be painful fro a young person on the move!

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