Nivea Men Silver Protect Deo-Shower Gel

Nivea Men Silver Protect Deo-Shower Gel contains silver ions that help reduce the germs that cause body odour, leaving you feeling fresher for longer. It can be used on both your body and your hair.

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10 Responses

  1. I like using this after I work out. I feel super fresh after using this.

  2. I have recently bought this hassle free shower gel for my husband, no fuss, splash ‘n go! The refreshing shower gel is scientifically proven to eliminate body odor with silver ions for ultimate antibacterial protection, ensuring that fresh after-shower feeling for longer. Ideal for body and hair and leaves your skin soft as it includes a ph skin-balance. Has a really fresh fragrance, what more does your man need…

  3. My girlfriend purchased this for me because I go to gym everyday and its good to help keep odors away, leaves me feeling fresh and clean. Recommended for the guys! Good purchase.

  4. Great product for men who want long lasting freshness. The ions in this product help reduce the germs that cause body odour. This product is ph skin balanced and dermatologically approved. The Hydra IQ Technology let’s skin feel hydrated. I enjoy this product for all the benefits above and its a body, hair and face gel all in one.

  5. Nivea’s one of my favorite products i use, the gel is really great, but again i have to say i won’t recommend this product for washing your hair, rather use a good shampoo, but overall the gel itself is so refreshing and u really feel revived after a shower.

  6. It has a lovely fresh smell, but my hubby love does not use it on his hair, he prefers to use shampoo, but he loves the product so it is on my list every month.

  7. I would rate this product in the same category as “For Men Cool Kick Shower Gel 2 in 1 Body & Hair by Nivea”. Typical and average shower product for the everyday guy.

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