Garnier Even & Matte Ideal Complexion Daily Cream Very Oily Skin

Developed specifically for VERY OILY SKIN, this unique formulation from Garnier combines two active ingredients for an even toned and shine free complexion: Pure Lemon Essence to help fade out spots for a visibly even & radiant skin tone and ultra-absorbing minerals to help keep skin clean, sweat & oil free. The result is that your skin is even toned, sweat and oil-free to reveal a fresh, natural and radiant complexion.

Price: R35
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide


3 Responses

  1. I try to include it in my facial routine. This product keeps the oil on full lockdown! I prefer to use it in the mornings after taking a shower. My skin is extremely oily so I like trying new products from time to time until I find the one that actually works 100%. Garnier helps keep me shine free for most of the day! It is enriched with natural ingredients like clay, absorbs excess oil, and contains lemon which is a natural skin toner.

  2. Its been 2 weeks now since I have been using this new Garnier Even & Matte Complexion Cream.

    I have become more even when it comes to my complexion and I could see an improvement because the blemishes that I have on my lower jaw are gradually fading away.
    It is said to be doing the following;
    Visibly evens skin tone
    Anti-oil & anti-sweat

    I love the matte feel it leaves behind on my skin & not leaving the white residue like other creams would.

    Definitely the produced for the oily skin people like me, I love it and shall invest in it since it is so affordable as well!

  3. What I love most about this product is that it really understands oily skin. When I used it, my skin was more matte yet it was still hydrated. It was never left feeling tight or dry. The scent is lemony and fresh. I love how quickly it absorbs and how nourished my skin feels. I think this product is particularly great for South African women as we tend to struggle with oily skin a lot. The fact that it is affordable too makes it a winner!

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