Garnier Invisible Anti-Marks / Stains / Fading Anti-Perspirant

Garnier Mineral Invisible Black White Colours offers up to 48 hour protection against sweat and odour with technology to help protect against white marks, yellow stains and fading, whilst letting skin breathe.
– Anti-white marks
– Anti-yellow stains
– Anti-fading
– A dermatologically tested product
– No alcohol

Price: R15.95
Availability: Selected retailers and pharmacies nationwide.

What we say:
I’ve had a long standing relationship with black & white deodorants, as I absolutely hate getting marks on my clothing. I put a lot of care into washing my garments and treating them well to ensure they keep their shape and colour, so white marks on black and yellow marks on white is one of my pet peeves. I never actually thought about the effect that my deodorants had on bright fabrics, until I was introduced to this product.

Regular anti-perspirants have the tendency to fade bright colours, and that is what makes this product different – the special formulation is anti-fading and alcohol-free, which is not only great for your delicate skin, but it protects your clothing too! I have been using it every day and am so impressed by the product that I can see myself purchasing it for a long time to come.

It keeps me fresh and dry all day long and as yet, I have not once seen a stain or mark on any of my clothing. The product dries relatively quickly and has a lovely, fresh scent. If you’re concerned about your garments, or just hate the look of stains, then this is the anti-perspirant product to try.
– Anien, BSA Content Editor

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3 Responses

  1. It’s cheap and it works!
    I have been struggling to find the right deodorant for me because I sweat a lot and that becomes a problem when i’m out and about.
    This product is genuinely a confidence booster because it keeps my armpits fresh and dry even after a long day.

  2. This product delivered its promises. I switched over to it late last year. I am thoroughly impressed by the anti-marks ‘technology’ and I will totally repurchase it again.

  3. I recently decided to try this product out and I am so glad I did! It does what it says – no more white marks on all my clothes! I am definitely a loyal convert.

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