Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

The new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water has been designed for sensitive skin and is proven to be loved by all skin types. A perfect blend of science and skincare, with results that speak for themselves. Simply apply Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to a cotton pad and wipe across your skin for gentle and efficient cleansing. Use it to leave your skin feeling refreshed in the morning, and at night, to remove make-up and impurities. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Price: R79.99
Size: 400ml
Availability: Selected retailers and pharmacies.


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  1. Micellar cleansing water is so amazing to use on water-proof mascara that just wont come off with other products. You can also purchase the ‘on the go’ bottle size which is perfect when going on a sleep-over or to pop in your handbag. This product is new to me and I’ve only been using it for about a month now, but my eyes thank me every day!

  2. I’ve never really been into the routine of face cream, but as I’m getting older I’m seeing the importance of it. I love make-up, and in order to have a flawless makeup finish, my skin “canvas” need to be clean, clear and blemish free. I then saw this new product on to the market and all of the hype around it. I just had to have it. I’ve been using Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water for about two months and can see a visible difference in my skin. I’ve also noticed that the Micellar Cleansing Water has gently removed dirt that my face wash has left behind, without any burning effect which normal toner products would have.
    I love this product so much!

  3. This product is probably the best Make Up remover I have ever used. Make Up is easily removed, with little to no rubbing and as an amazing bonus, I have absolutely not breakouts. Reason why I mention this is because my skin is very sensitive, where even Dove Make Up Wipes, burn my skin under my eyes.

    So here, I vouch for this product and will definitely give it a 10/10. Well done Garnier, finally a product that I love and will continue to purchase.

  4. Many months after reading all the rave reviews about this miracle Micellar water I decided it was time to give it a go. And it exceeded ALL my expectations!

    Never in my life have I used a make-up remover that removes all my make-up so effortlessly. I always found that after cleansing and toning my skin that it still felt not quite clean, if you know what I mean. With this Micellar Water my skin feels squeaky clean after using it. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and find it very difficult to remove but not with this product, it removes all the traces. No rubbing or scrubbing required.

    I also love how easily it removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I have never been a fan of splashing water on my face, mainly because I am always so paranoid of ruining my hair but the Micellar Water has just made my life a lot easier. The price is also super affordable. I will never stop using this product!

  5. I am completely bananas for this product, I doubt I will ever use anything else to remove my make up. I have very sensitive skin which is prone to break outs so i was a bit skeptical at first. This product is gentle and yet super effective, even for that really dark lipstick. My skin remains clean and smooth after use and it’s super ideal for girls who usually couldn’t be bothered to remove their make up #ThumbsUp

  6. There has been so much hype regarding this product that i had to give it a try. Since i have sensitive skin i decided to try out the Garnier micellar cleansing water for sensitive skin. It comes in a huge bottle which is a big bonus and at an affordable price which is hard to resist especially if you are on a tight budget. I was really impressed with this product because it literally removes off all my makeup even the long wearing lipsticks and my waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. It is a handy product that i feel every women should have in her make up kit. I love that i don’t have to rub the dirt / make up off really hard, all you need is a gentle swipe which does the trick.I was really happy that it left no sticky residue on my skin after i used it and that my skin didn’t get dry. Overall this is an amazing product that i will buy again and again. It is definitely worth purchasing.

  7. The new micellar cleansing water has been designed for normal to sensitive skin.
    The directions are that you should simply apply Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to a cotton pad and wipe across your skin for gentle and efficient cleansing > no scrubbing / rubbing mind you, are enough to make me jump and break into song!

    I was very much eager when it hit South Africa as the rants really got to me. At that time, I had to go from one Clicks shop to another as it was still not wide spread. When I finally found it, I was so excited that I bought it as a gift for a friend who loves makeup but has extremely sensitive skin.

    I then also bought myself a lot of cotton as I thought with all the makeup on my face, I am going to really need cotton upon cotton. To my very surprise, I removed a full face of makeup using only 2 facial pads > that included all the mascara my eyes had to bear. That goes for eye makeup, blush and lipstick too!

    I have been impressed since! Yes all the foundation and BB creams off with no problem.
    Now what about my usually dry skin? I was left with no dryness and no reaction at all. The moisture left on my skin felt as if I immediately moisturized after use. The only issue that came with that, is that I felt slightly sticky. I thought since it was the first use, my skin would react differently in times to come. Well I still get that sticky feeling to date (I been using it close to 2 months now), but the feeling thereof goes away within minutes.

    A little amount goes a long way, almost so long using it, I am not anywhere close to getting half way with the bottle. Less water is used that before to cleanse my face (my part for saving much needed water). My cotton is still so plenty too…

    I had to learn over time though, NOT to rub or scrub when using it. It is gentle and it does most work for you without much laboring. I have converted my dear hubby, he now has his own bottle (no he does not use makeup) and loves using it to cleanse his face thoroughly especially when he imitates my pamper sessions.

    Use it for a refreshed feeling whether in the morning or night, or even once a day. Harsh makeup removers and lingering skin impurities, are a thing of yesterday from now on.

  8. The first day I tried the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, it was around 8pm meaning I had a full day of makeup, lipstick and eyeshadow. I took my rolled cotton wool sheets and dapped some product on it. At first I thought this mineral water was going to dry my skin out (but then again what would I have to lose from trying?). I gently started to remove everything from my face and “wow”, the cotton wool simply glided on my face. Let me say, I had never seen so much makeup on cotton wool before (guilt struck). I went in again with another sheet and more came off. On the third swipe there was hardly any evidence of makeup ever being on my face.

    I had purchased the one in the Pink bottle which is for all skin types and also can be used for sensitive skin.If you have a different skin type, then don’t you worry. The Micellar water in the blue bottle is for combination to oily and sensitive skin. So we’re all covered.

    Due to the fact that I have sensitive skin I waited around 10 minutes, just waiting for the itch to start and NOTHING. My skin showed no reaction and was left feeling moisturised and clean. Since the bottle read that I didn’t need to rinse, wild guess – I didn’t.

    The following few days I kept using the product and I must say I’m truly happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it. It does exactly what it promises and also reduces the hassle of having to go through those tedious night time routines of removing makeup (a blessing). The Micellar water can also be used in the morning to refresh your skin and evenings as a makeup remover.

    Definition of Micellar Water: They originated in France and are non-rinse, soap-free cleansing waters that contain micelle molecules. Micelles are attracted to dirt, grime, and oil, and they draw out impurities without drying out your skin.

    The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water removes make-up, cleanses and soothes without the rinsing. It comes in a 400ml bottle that promises uses based on 2ml use per cotton pad. I would recommend that you use the rolled cotton wool rather than the cotton wool pads as this will give you more usage as you can decide how much to tear off for your specific needs.

    It’s available from your Clicks and Dischem stores and retails for less than R80.

    If you’re looking for an inexpensive make-up remover (beauty on a budget), then this is the product for you. I would give this great product a 9/10.

    Hope you enjoyed my beauties..

  9. Non Greasy, no residue, does not sting, strip or dry skin.

    Suitable for the removal of stubborn eye make up – All in all amazing product as well as affordable.

  10. A great, light, affordable product that REALLY works!

    After washing my face every night, I always take a cotton pad and wipe off my face and its amazing how much product your face wash and eye makeup remover miss! This product catches it all.

    The only negative is this product contains alcohol which dries out the skin – So just remember to moisturize :)

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