Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Midnight Blue

Ultra deep blacks.
Luminous reflects even on dark hair.
Ultra dazzling, ultra visible shine.
Intense nourishment for long-lasting colour.

Our nourishing formula is enriched with shea Butter & 3 Oils: avocado, olive and blackcurrant. Your hair is left feeling silky and looking shiny. Helps protect against dryness for up to 8 weeks !

The intensity-enhancing formula gives an ultra dazzling blue-black colour. The rich colour cream diffuses the colour directly into the hair, for long-lasting colour.

Price: R109.95
Availability: Exclusive to Clicks stores.

What we say:
I love hair products. I love all things hair, but my Achilles heel is definitely hair dye. So when I was asked to review the new collection Ultra Marine blue-black by Garnier Nutrisse, I literally snatched up the box and held it very Golum-like, whispering sweet nothings to “my precious” find.

To start, the gloves are big enough for male hands and they do not split at the sides. That is an A+ in my books. My boyfriend helped me apply the dye. The application bottle is a little smaller than I thought. I have medium length hair and I didn’t think there would be enough mixture, but we managed to squeeze it all out. The conditioner is amazing! Those essential oils give it that extra shine and make your hair feel silky and brand new, and the smell… Tropical bliss.

My qualm with this product is that it promised an ultra dazzling blue-black finish. Unfortunately it didn’t deliver on the blue part, and on washing my hair three times since, the dye is still running out.
– Lauren

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3 Responses

  1. Love this hue of black because of the subtlety of the blue. The warmth of the black is amazing because most black dyes tend to make you look completely washed out, but not the case with this brand’s. Only wish the colour intensity would last and not fade that quickly.

  2. I used this product a few days ago in this color. I was so excited because I love the color blue black. After using it I was actually disappointed because my hair result was black and it doesn’t even shine blue :( But I must say my hair feels extremely soft and has a great shine.

  3. One of the best box hair dyes I have used.

    It leaves my hair smooth and shinny, color comes out quite nice aswell.

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