Gatineau Activ Eclat Flash Radiance

Gatineau Activ Eclat Flash Radiance

For women with a dull, tired-looking skin who wish to recover their natural glow with a revitalizing skincare product. This serum illuminates and brightens  skin tone, boosts the skin’s natural resistance against harmful oxidants and helps stimulate micro circulation for a fresher and pinker complexion. It hydrates and smoothes the skin, which in turn reflects light in an effective way. The complexion is left brighter and more radiant, energised and moisturised. Contains vitamin C and wheat peptide.

Price: R635
Size: 30ml
Availability: Woolworths and selected salons.

What we say:
Although I don’t usually struggle with dull skin, I find that during the winter months I sometimes go through a bit of an “ashy” phase where my skin looks somewhat lacklustre. I started using this serum in the midst of one of these phases as I have always been keen to try a Gatineau product and this one seemed a perfect fit. After just over a week I can already see a difference in my complexion – after I apply it, my skin has a glow to it, and it looks more radiant throughout the day.

It’s very nourishing and hydrating which my skin appreciates in winter, yet is is lightweight and absorbs within seconds. I love the citrusy scent and the velvety texture on my skin. Within such a short time of using this product, it’s already become one of my must-haves!
– Anien, BSA Content Editor

I have only been using this product for a week or so, but I really am enjoying it. I think they have created a fresh looking product that is aimed at a younger target market. The bottle is classy and solid. I was impressed with the pump action too. The nosel is different to most pump bottles and somehow it really impressed me. The serum has a beautiful zesty scent and is easily absorbed into my skin, leaving me with a healthy glow. For me, the more glow the better! It’s a serum that everyone can use very easily with the rest of their skincare products. So far I am very impressed!
– Zoe, BSA Beauty Editor

My experimenting with serums has been very limited as I tend to find one I enjoy using and stick with it for quite some time. After my last serum ran out, I didn’t repurchase it as I was keen to try a new brand, so I was super pleased to give the Gatineau Activ Eclat Flash Radiance a go.

I was very happy to see that the serum is in a pump action bottle as I find this a lot more hygienic than say a tube of serum. When I first pumped out the serum I was blown away by the fragrance! The scent is unlike any serum I have previously used – it is super summery & it leaves my skin feeling fresh.

I have currently switched over to a blemish treatment skincare routine, and as a result my skin has been slightly drier than usual. Since I have been using the serum, my skin is rehydrated and any dry patches are a thing of the past. I am happy with this serum so far and I will definitely continue to use it. While Gatineau may still be slightly unknown to the younger generations, it is definitely a brand to consider if you are in the market for new skincare products!
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager


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