Gelish Nail Colour

Want a super long-wearing mani? Find a salon that offers Gelish, the nail colour that performs like a gel, but applies just like a polish. Simply pick your colour and sit back while your manicurist applies the polish just like any other nail colour. You can pick from hi-shine shades, sparkly hues or even opt for a French manicure. In total, Gelish has a whopping 72 different colours for you to choose from!

What we say:
‘In between coats, your nails can be cured under a LED lamp in a mere 30 seconds! Once you’re done, your nails will be super-glossy, yet bone dry, so you can run them through your hair or pick your car keys out of your hand bag with out having to worry about messing up your new mani. Gelish promises to stay on your nails for a good three weeks without chipping and can be soaked off at the salon in just fifteen minutes.’
Leigh van den Berg

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30 Responses

  1. I tried a warm red and was pleasantly surprised when I saw after two weeks that it had not chipped or lifted anywhere. I enjoyed the thin natural look with the gel finish. Great product!

  2. I tried the Gelish pastels range with baby pink & lilac ad loved it. Great quality and I love how long it lasts… Almost 2 weeks. My absolute favourite that I can wear everyday for the rest of my life is Good Gossip.

  3. “Wanna share a lift” and ” Good gossip” are my ultimate favourites. And especially appropriate for Christmas :-). Love it!

  4. The salon I go to offers the gelish nail colours, it comes in numerous colours which are all stunning. It usually lasts me a month, it also helps my nails grow, allowing it to be healthy at the same time. I also love the fact that its a gel on your nail, and that means no chipping of the colour etc. Highly recommend this!!!

  5. Gelish Nail Colour gives a beautiful smooth and shiny look to your nails and boy does it last! Perfect for special occasions or simply your normal nail routine. They have so many colours to choose from as well!

  6. I’ve heard only good things about this product. I will have to try it for myself.

  7. Love it , I currently have it on from a week or 2 ago and it is still glossy with no chips.

  8. I am a big Biosculpture fan but recently tried Gelish. Its a great product and system and if they made it available to the general public I think it would take off! But unfortunately you need to go to a salon and have it done and if I am sitting there having my nails done I might as well have Biosculpture done as it lasts about 2 weeks longer than Gelish.

  9. Sounds perfect for me – My nail polish doesn’t last longer than 2 days without chipping – thanks to housework

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