ghd eclipse is our ground-breaking new styler. With the ability to tackle any hair texture quickly and easily, ghd eclipse will revolutionise styling on hard-to-tame hair. Using new, innovative and patented tri-zone technology – developed exclusively by ghd scientists to take hair styling into a new era – ghd eclipse can radically transform the toughest of textures, such as very thick, curly or afro hair. It can also style larger sections of hair at a time, making styling significantly faster on all hair types.

The new ghd eclipse uses a more effective heat to deliver the best and fastest results yet, while new tri-zone technology uses six quick-thinking sensors (three on each plate) to ensure no loss of heat during styling, while maintaining heat at a constant 185°C – the most effective temperature to produce the best styling results.

Price: R2899

Availability: Selected salons and

What we say:
Since the eclipse launched I was dying to get my hands on it. I have been a ghd fan before they first became available in South Africa. I used to get my friend in London to bring me my ghd fix. I have had the basic ghd styler and then I bought a LTD edition pink styler for breast cancer awareness a couple of years ago. The eclipse is by far the hero styler in my eyes.

From the minute you open the box and touch the sleek styler, you know what you are going to achieve – a good hair day! It heated up in a matter of seconds and played a tune when it was ready. The on/off button is much more accessible as it is placed on the top of the styler and when I turned it off again, it played another tune to notify me. I found this one retained its heat much more and made my styling time much quicker. I used to have to divide my hair into smaller sections to style inorder to create that sleek look and feel. With the new eclipse I just split my hair into 4 pieces and achieved what I wanted. I forgot to mention that my hair isn’t rebellious – it is just frizzy and needs to be tamed.

The second time I used it, I applied some of the ghd Straight and Smooth Spray and it worked even better. People who have used a ghd If you are one to style and straighten your hair everyday I would highly recommend investing in a ghd. It doesn’t pull or burn your hair, and makes hair time so much simpler.

I give it a 10/10.

– Zoe 

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8 Responses

  1. Since the arrival of the GHD Eclipse I have been the proud owner of a white straightener, this really does work magic on ones hair if used correctly. I find that it’s easy to use and effective with the smooth and straight taming Crete.

  2. Investing in a GHD styler changed my hair game completely. It made it so much easier to straighten or even curl my hair. It saves so much time and leaves hair so soft.

  3. I am so glad I bought myself a GHD. I am saving money. A month ago my GHD stopped working. I phoned the GHD office in Durban, they picked my GHD up at my home address and WOW! Three days later I received a brand new styler. Thanks GHD

  4. The GHD stylers just keep getting better and better. I’ve tested numerous heat styling products but none seem to match up to my experiences with the ghd. This product straightens my hair perfectly, removing any frizz in the process.

  5. I have the Ghd white limited edition I pair it up with the thermal straight protector spray and my hair becomes soft straight and sexy… I love my GHD

  6. I bought this for my girlfriend recently and boy did it earn me major points. I think she is still thanking me! Great product! Definitely a great buy for any guy looking to buy his lady a quality gift.

  7. My stylist used this on my hair, and it is amazing. Like, seriously. My frizzy, coarse locks felt like liquid silk after a session with this straightner. I’m saving up for one of my own now!

  8. Gulp! this sounds fantastic but is super super expensive. Are there no cheaper equivalents?

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