Schwarzkopf Gliss Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin Marrakesh Oil and Coconut shampoo contains liquid keratin to repair damaged hair and fill hair fissures. It offers deep care without weighing the hair down and provides more shine and suppleness.

What we say:
I have horribly fine, limp hair. It is the BANE of my existence. No really! So I always have mixed feelings about trying new hair products: on the one hand there’s the hope that FINALLY this will be the one to give me full, bouncing locks; and on the other, there’s the fear that if I try this one and it’s horrible, I will have to spend (yet another) bad hair day.
But Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin Marrakesh Oil and Coconut shampoo – despite the dark brown – BROWN! – bottle, gave me a really good hair day. The first in a long time.
As you may have gathered, I am not mad about the look of the product. I assume the brown bottle with gold writing is meant to reference Marrakesh or something, but it just totally doesn’t do it for me and looks odd in my bathroom alongside all my girlie-coloured bottles. But the product itself is great. And a great price too!
And for those of you (like me) who get really nervous around anything labelled “coconut”, do not be afraid: it doesn’t smell anything like coconut. It just has a subtle, light, slightly cocoa-ey fragrance.
− Irene


34 Responses

  1. I Loved this product and have been unable to find it in stores. I really hope they bring it out again. It left my hair so nourished and soft and healthy. I really miss it

  2. I used to use this shampoo ALL the time, but when I ran out I didn’t repurchase simply because I wanted to try something new. It smells so gorgeous and really does make my skin feel softer especially if paired with the conditioner. Good price and have always loved schwarzkopf!

  3. This product smells great.
    However, I did not find that it gave extra moisture or shine to my hair.
    My curly hair felt crunchy and thirsty, and I landed up giving this product away to a friend with more European hair.

  4. Firstly let me say that my hair is curly and frizzy. I have some damaged strands and I needed a shampoo that as going to give me luscious locks and aid in the straightening process. 5 Gold stars to this product. It is amazing. Although you pay about R70 for 400ml it is worth every penny. It suds easily. A little goes a long way. Immediately after the first wash I noticed my hair was softer and shinier. Even the damaged ends are softer.

    It’s now been 3 months and I must say my hair has grown 3 inches due to how healthy my scalp is and it’s so much straighter. When I do curl my hair it is just bouncy with no frizz.

    It is safe to use if you have oily hair because one thing I can say is that it leaves your hair lightweight.


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