Pond’s Gold Radiance Youthful Glow Day Cream SPF 15 PA++

Infused with real gold microparticles, this luxurious day cream is clinically proven to reduce skin dullness. With regular use, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots will fade as your skin’s luminosity is reinvigorated. Reveal your skin’s youthful radiance as your skin feels more revitalised and alive every day.

What our Beauty Masters say

This cream is just what I need as it is designed to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. . I sometimes struggle to find a cream that gives me enough hydration without making my skin greasy and this one does the job. The cream is moisturising and absorbs instantly and creates a beautiful base for my make-up. My skin is left soft and smooth. The gold particles leave a shimmer on my pale skin that I don’t like, but it is luckily not visible after I’ve applied my make-up. I am not sure yet if I would purchase this product, but I would recommend that ladies give it a try if ageing skin is a concern.
– Charlene

Although not unpleasant, the cream has a fairly strong smell, and it’s not the kind of scent I like to put on my face. This luxurious-feeling product has very fine, visible gold particles, which make my skin look radiant. I like it because it made my skin look great.
I wouldn’t buy it because I prefer to use a product with an SPF PA++ higher than 15, and although there are some very impressive-sounding ingredients on the list, it’s alarmingly long.
– Jessica

It comes in an easy to use tall pump bottle, with the same lovely delicate fragrance as the other products in the range, and a SFP of 15! After application it looks like your face has a light sprinkling of glitter dust on it, creating a healthy glow. The product claims that with regular use, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots will fade. I did feel that my age spots were slightly diminished after 3 weeks of using this product.
– Kaamilah

What I really like about this moisturiser, is that it protects against both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning). This moisturser is non pore-clogging, and I found it to be quite light. It is quickly absorbed into your skin, leaving it with a matte finish (no oiliness). The only negative I would mention about this moisturiser, is that it would probably be too ‘light’ for someone with a drier skin than mine.
– Mariaan

Having just turned 30 I wanted to up the ante on my skincare routine and this day cream was great! It was nice and light, and not too oily or greasy for my combination, acne-prone skin. I loved the fact that it did not clog my pores. A real winner so I would definitely buy this again! I really liked it but I am not sure if it would be nourishing enough for a more mature, drier skin.
– Danielle

There is a subtle rose fragrance which I wasn’t too fond of but it wasn’t too overpowering. I did find that during the course of the day, my skin would start to feel a bit dry and I would need to re-apply, but this could be due to the fact that my skin can be prone to dryness. I loved the shimmer than the gold micro particles added to my make-up. My face had a beautiful glow throughout the day.
– Roxanne

This day cream contains an SPF of 15 as well as PA+ + to help protect your skin from the harmful UVA rays. Having heard so many complain that it leaves an oily film on the face, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it melted into my skin – no oiliness. I noticed that the day cream left a white film/cast on my face. It wasn’t oily as experienced by others, but that same white cast you would get from products that have a high SPF content. Regardless of the white cast, every single time I applied this cream over the Precious Serum, my skin felt plump and nourished.
– Adelaide

I love the bottle as it allows you just to use the correct amount of cream. It applies easily and absorbs quickly, you can apply your make-up within in about a minute after application. My skin felt silky after every application, and throughout the day. I could clearly see that any fine lines are disappearing and dark spots are lighter after only two weeks of use.
– Marina

It is a very soft, smooth cream that glides on easily and is not oily. It makes my skin feels very smooth without the oiliness and it dissolve quickly and are not sticky. I think it will work with all skin types and age group because I am in my mid thirties and it works for me. It is very durable because I can feel that it works for me all day. I would definitely recommend this product especially to women working in the sun or just those who wants to have a problem free beautiful glowing skin.
– Diana

Great smell! The tiny spout helps you to use just enough and not waste any precious cream. It feels so good using it in the morning as its like a wake-up call. The Day cream makes your face feel and look so alive. It absorbs deep into your face leaving it glowing.
– Lorraine

I absolutely loved the day cream. When finishing off your steps with this product it feels fantastic. It’s that moisture you need after applying everything else. I love that it has sunscreen built in, this takes a step out of my normal routine. People have noticed a change and I was even told that I was glowing, a statement I last heard when pregnant.
– Lynn

The gold box is really attractive and gives the product a luxurious feel. It’s a very light cream – feeling almost like a lotion. I was a bit worried that it would not be hydrating enough for my dry cheeks but it actually had a really rich feel to it while spreading easily due to the lotion-like consistency. The moisturiser, combined with the effects of the serum, left my skin feeling very soft and smooth and nicely hydrated. More time is needed to see any long term improvement in my lines and dark spots, but my skin definitely looks more luminous and a couple of friends have commented that I’m looking well rested for a change. Which I’m not, so I give full credit to the products!
– Marguerite

This is the first time I have used this product and I have found it to be a light, easy to apply day cream. It has a pleasant fragrance that is not overpowering. This cream leaves my skin glowing and feeling gorgeously soft. I would also suggest that perhaps a more detailed set of directions should be on the accompanying leaflet for first time users, such as how much to use and how to apply it. I like the fact that it has SPF 15 PA++. I would highly recommend this product and will be buying it myself in future.
– Melanie

The cream spreads evenly over the skin and is absorbed quickly, leaving a slight shimmer of the real gold microparticles. The non comedogenic claim was encouraging. True to its claim, my pores were not blocked. Although SPF15 PA++ provides good protection, I prefer a higher SPF but the PA++ is sufficient for me. As I had to daily reapply the cream by noon, it is clear my skin needs more hydration than this product provides. Although this is the case, I will confidently recommend this cream to anyone.
– Retha

This airy, light, creamy moisturiser had a mousse-like texture and provided the perfect canvas to apply foundation. It was gentle and left my skin feeling smooth and soft (definitely no need for primer!). The gold particles made my skin look positively radiant and luminous and every bit as gorgeous as the stunning packaging it came in. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a light everyday moisturiser that is gentle on your skin and helps to treat pigmentation too.
– Serisha

I love the smell of this cream, it has a powdery smell but it reminds me of my baby so I love it! It is smooth on the skin – a yes for me! Since my 2nd child I have suffered with uneven skin tone and have not found the correct cream that makes my skin look brighter. Since using the Pond Gold Radiance day cream my husband has complimented that he can see the change in my skin tone & I actually have been using less foundation. The cream kept my skin moisturised from morning till afternoon. I like the way it feels on my skin and what it has done for my facial complexion and I would absolutelty recommend it and already have! I would definitely buy it again.
– Jassika

The lotion was a stunning consistency – not too rich and not too watery and it also had a 15 SPF which was awesome. You can also see the small gold particles inside the lotion But I was concerned with all these gold particles – this is now another layer of these particles on my skin…which I was concerned was going to cause blockages and breakouts. After a week of using this product this is exactly what happened. I started noticing a significant increase in blackheads and pimples. After 3 weeks I was forced to stop this product and return to my normal skin products.
– Louise

The cream spreads well onto skin and it is absorbed quickly. The skin feels alive and healthy. The skin is not left greasy at all but is well moistured and soft. Dark spots and lines are less visible and the skin tone is more even and glowing. This day cream can be used under make up due to the great absorption properties and non-greasiness. The skin is left with a healthy, youthful radiance, a slight sparkle and is well moistured for the day.
– Dorothy

The cream is thick in texture but gets absorbed quickly and moisturises skin really well and I don’t require re-application. It gives an instant luminous effect and my face looks brighter. It has a mild fragrance. It didn’t cause any breakouts even though it is so rich in texture and my skin looks a bit more radiant!
– Cornell


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  1. I have always used the Ponds range. I came across the Gold Radiance Display and the Dis-chem store and was attracted to the bright bold packaging and decided to give it a try. After five days of use I had a allergic reaction to my skin and returned the product. I had no previous skin reaction on the other Ponds products that I use.

  2. I grew up using Pond’s products so I was quite keen to try out this Day Cream. My first impression was that it was easily absorbed by my skin, it did not produce an allergic reaction, my skin felt smooth and soft. My skin tends to be very dry in winter, I used this with the face wash for the whole of winter. I would definitely recommend this for daily skin care.

  3. I recently started using it and it seems to be working.. I have light spots.. kinda dull skin and it has become even more lighter and my skin seems to be even .. impressive. Worth a try..

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