GOSH Growth Mascara

GOSH Growth Mascara

GOSH Growth Mascara is the secret to longer lashes. Visibly longer lashes in 2 weeks!

The Growth Mascara contains a growth active called SymPeptide XLash which is proven to have a visible effect on the length and thickness of the eyelashes. The rubber brush is designed to give length and volume to the lashes and the small rubber “hairs” separate the lashes, while the bulk reservoir on the side will ensure more bulk and maximum volume. The Growth Mascara is applied as a normal mascara and is perfume free.

Price: R149
Availability: Select Edgars stores

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2 Responses

  1. Like I said on my review about serum, the mascara and serum work better when they are used together. The mascara formula lengthens the lashes, however it tends to clump. So if your lashes are short it will definitely cause a bit of a mess with the clumping. So I would use the mascara after I grow my lashes just a bit longer. But I won’t take anything away from it it works.

  2. This product is very effective. It is meant to elongate your eye lashes and help your lashes grow longer. It did this very successfully. It made my eye lashes look longer than ever. The packaging is very sleek, and the texture was quite thick but applied well. It worked very well for me and I would recommend it to everyone!

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