GR8 SKN Reset Pollutant-Free Probiotic Cream

RESET is a serum formulated to smooth and improve your complexion overnight. RESET combines a triple-dose of Vitamin A, retinol, probiotics and antioxidants with calming green tea and grape seed extract. RESET increases cell renewal, prevents clogging, evens pigmentation and is especially fabulous for problem skin! Refresh and rejuvenate your skin overnight with RESET.

Price: R320



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2 Responses

  1. This product worked well as a smoothing cream, and I enjoyed the refreshing feeling it gave me after using it. My skin felt a lot smoother the week after use. It’s an anti–acne cream and helps to keep your skin smooth and healthy. I would have to say I found it to work for me and found my skin a lot smoother after use. I definitely found it to work for me and enjoyed the fresh and cool feeling it leaves behind. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a clean and soothing feeling from their face cream.

  2. I really like this product. It is fast absorbing and does not leave a sticky residue like most other night creams. It has a faint citrus fragrance, which just adds to the clean and pampered feeling that it gave my skin.

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