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Coty Gravity Cologne Spray

A sharp, oriental woody that’s become a classic within the house of Coty.

What we say:
‘When agreeing to test scents I did it blindly, and swore I would wear whatever I got, men’s, women’s, the good the bad or the ugly. Unfortunately I only lasted one day with this one. I feared I smelled like those over-cologned men you surreptitiously take a step away from in the bank queue. Ironically the first time I wore it, my partner pronounced that I smelt like flowers! Aarg, only through no sense of shame was I able to leave the house convinced I was enveloped in an almost visible cloud of sugar.

‘So how to describe the scent: sweet, fresh and definitely strong.

‘The name “gravity” is definitely apt – it has power and strength and is suited to a tall dark handsome stranger. Not a beach bum like me. So to be fair, we tested it on my olive complexion partner – and the verdict was “showers” not “flowers”. The strength of the scent was still there but now it smelt more sexy.

‘Scent is a matter of personal preference, and personally I prefer men who smell less intense and sweet. So, this definitely did not work for me, not because it’s necessarily a bad cologne, but simply because I am just not man enough.’
– Vicky


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  1. I absolutely love this fragrance and when combined with the shower gel its amazing, seeing as I love it so I think this shall be a great gift (as well as a hint) for my bf !

  2. My husband used this for a long time, I love the smell of Gravity, its absolutely devine!

  3. Absolutely love the smell of Gravity . . . it’s one of the best men’s cologne,

  4. Old time favourite, love the dark colour of the bottle. and have to say the cologne has a very nice smell.

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