Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Intensive Treatment Mask

Enriched with Amino Vitamin Complex, it strengthens your hair and reduces hair fall by up to 92%.

Price: R36.99
Availability: leading retail stores

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Sunsilk Hair Fall Treatment


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  1. There was a point when I was in high school when I used Sunsilk for a long period. I was satisfied with their products and they were affordable and I was a happy customer. I guess when you start working one looks into better products as you can afford more than what you used to use. I have not tried it but I do believe it’s a great product.

  2. I like this product. It smells great and is really moisturizing and softens hair almost instantly. My only problem is that this is only for hair fall that is caused by breakage, not if your hair has just been falling out due to stress or whatever. They can definitely print that bigger on the container.

  3. I’m sure it will be different for each person as it is with every product out there. I used sunsilk’s shampoo’s for about 2 years and they never disappointed. Sunsilk has some good products for its price range. So, I am sure if used long enough you will see an improvement. Just give it a chance.

  4. I have never tried this product, but usually I do use some products from sunsilk. I have faith that it would work, they are incredible

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