ghd Heat Protect Spray

ghd Style Heat Protection Spray provides an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage on damp or dry hair. Containing the unique ghd Heat Protection System, this spray can be layered with other styling products to create the result you desire.

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25 Responses

  1. Had to have this as I iron my hair every single day, and I must admit it has helped my hair from split ends and dry ends at the bottom, it protects it from the harsh heat, keeping your soft, silky and healthy!

  2. I got the ghd Heat Protect Spray after I noticed that my ghd straightener was causing quite a lot of split ends and damage to the ends of my hair. And I must say that after a few times of using it I definitely noticed less breakage in my hair! Although it is pricey I do think its wise if you have a ghd to get the ghd protect spray as it has been formulated specifically for the heat of a ghd straightener, therefore providing optimal protection.
    Its lightweight and non greasy, and even adds a slight shine to your hair.

  3. This is really a must have fantastic product for anyone that heat styles their hair!! And the feel and smell it gives hair is amazing. Love it!!

  4. ghd Style Heat Protect Spray uses ghd’s exclusive Heat Protection System, enabling you to maximise your style through heat. Ideal to use for everyday heat styling, or layering with styling products without built in heat protection. Ideal for all hairtypes.

  5. I rarely straighten my curls. However, I own a ghd for the rare occasion when I do. I find that the protectant spray is an absolute necessity – not only does it ensure that your locks are protected from the elements, once straightened, it also protects your hair from possible damage from the straightener itself. Also, it has a subtle clean scent that is absolutely gorgeous!

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