Justine Honey Herbal Hand Treatment Cream

This unique hand treatment leaves your hands soft and nourished. It is formulated with a blend of some of the finest oils from nature and combined with humectants and emollients to moisturise your hands, while a special blend of natural extracts including horsetail, rosemary, chamomile and witch hazel leaves them soft and pampered.

What we say:
I have to moisturise my hands every time after I wash them, but I hate hand creams that leave my skin with a sticky or oily residue. I love this cream because it leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished without any residue. It absorbs quickly and has long-lasting moisturising abilities (I don’t need to reapply until the next time I wash my hands).

It has a sweet, delicious scent and every time I pump some of it into my hands, someone nearby comments on the lovely smell. I keep it next to my desk, and constantly find the ladies around me sneaking a pump or two!
– Anien

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7 Responses

  1. There’s nothing better than finishing off your daily beauty regime with the honey herbal hand treatment. Our hands do so much during the day, that we tend to neglect them. Treat them to this luxurious cream that will leave them nourished and refreshed and well taken care of. Your hands are as important as the rest of your body, so you have to pay attention to them, after all they do most of the work for you. This hand cream does wonders, so give your hands first class treatment. Awesome.

  2. Very pricey for just a hand lotion, but it does the trick. I would recommend cheaper options that are available with the same properties.

  3. This hand lotion leaves my hands soft and nourishes them during harsh winter days.

  4. This is one of the best hand lotions/treatments I have tried. It really did a good job of moisturizing my very dry hands and the smell was great. Will definately purchase this product again.

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