Payot Hydrating Antioxidant BB Cream

Payot BB cream

The perfect blend of a high-performance moisturiser with mineral pigments which melt into the skin in one simple action. An innovative, 5-in-1 solution for a “peaches and cream” complexion.

What we say:
With so many BB creams available these days, it’s almost impossible to know which one will suit you best. I have very fair skin, which rules out almost every BB cream on the market as most of them are too “orange” or “tan” for my alabaster complexion. I was hoping that this latest BB cream from Payot would be one of the few that work with my pale skin tone.

Although it is also slightly dark for my skin, I find that I am able to blend it easily and somehow it seems to go on lighter than you’d expect, and adapts to my skin nicely. It offers slightly more coverage than some of the other BB creams I’ve used which is wonderful as I can skip my foundation all together and just dab on some translucent powder instead.

It lasts all day long (until I remove it, in fact) and contains an SPF 15 which is a bonus! Be careful to apply a very thin layer and blend, blend, blend – I tend to apply a little bit too much and then struggle to get rid of the streaks on my cheeks.

All-in-all I am very happy with the results and will definitely turn to this product in the future. It covers beautifully, smells delicious and is long-lasting. Great value for money!
– Anien

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5 Responses

  1. I tried and tested this BB Cream in 01 Light. I thought it would have been too light for my skin tone. When something is described as light, in most cases it is suitable for really fair skin – something I don’t have. This BB Cream, to my surprise, suited my skin tone perfectly.

    Even though the BB Cream was a perfect match, I wasn’t too fond of this product. Firstly, it has this pungent floral smell which I don’t like at all. Secondly, it left my skin looking streaky and highlighted my pores in some of the areas of my face. I wasn’t impressed by this at all. And then thirdly, I didn’t find it hydrating enough. My skin was left dull and looked somewhat lifeless.

    The only positive about this BB Cream is that it has an SPF of 15.

    I wouldn’t use this product again, solely because it smells awful and didn’t do much for my skin.

  2. I tried one of these recently and I found that it looked like I had caked on foundation. I would rather take my normal moisturizer and add a blob of foundation

  3. i am not keen on this….but like any other product i learn about i always advise my friends and family on what is on the market.

  4. Hydrating anything is good. Will go check it out, though R350 might not be what I want to spend.

  5. Oooh! Another BB Cream. I am obsessed with them. This one looks really great too. I wonder about their range for different skin tones?

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