Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes

The secret behind doll lashes, finally revealed. Lancôme’s most flirtatious lash look. A volumised, extended and full lash fringe for a wide-eye look.

What we say:
‘Thanks to its unique cone-shaped brush, you can lengthen, thicken and lift your lashes to create a wide-eyed baby doll effect. Also, as the formula makes use of something Lancôme refers to as FibreShine, your lashes will have a gorgeous little gleam. As the tip of the brush is nice and slim, you can use it to get into the tiniest corners of your eye and coat each and every lash. If you’re a fan of Hypnôse like I am, you’ll find this baby’s a fabulous upgrade.’
Leigh van den Berg

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17 Responses

  1. I will use this ’til the day I die. So easy to remove but lasts all day without smudging. Have tried so many other brands but this is for me.

  2. Honestly, the only downside to this product would be the price. Think it retails for R500+ at Woolies which is a bit steep for most people. And I’m definitely a normal people. But man, the result speaks for itself. The result almost justifies the price, almost! The formula is thick and luxurious. Definitely gives you that doll-eyed appearance without making your lashes clumpy. Because of the price though, I can only spoil myself with this treat like once a year :(

  3. I love this product, it smells like the tinkerbell make up I had as a child, and it does both lengthen and volumizes lashes, i will never change this mascara! and i have the limited edition with hearts on the bottle, so cute.

  4. I was very excited to try this edition of the famous Lancome Hypnose mascara. The packaging is great with the lid easy to hold and maneuver when applying mascara. The brush is in a cone shape with strong bristles. I loved putting it on, the cone shape of the brush was great. My lashes were lengthened, thickened and left with a nice shine to them.

    So why only 3 stars? Well, as odd as this may seem… the smell. The mascara had a strong chemical smell when I was applying and I was hoping that it would disappear after drying. As it turns out, the chemical smell followed me all day and unfortunately look away a lot of the pleasure of having beautiful lashes.

  5. This is a truly amazing mascara! It has beautiful lengthening and volumising effects and the brush is just perfect!

    The problem is that I found it smudged TERRIBLY on me. And I don’t mean the slight smudging when blinking right after applying, I mean it smudged ALL DAY… To the point when I had black marks under my eyes all the time and needed to self consciously check the mirror and wipe away residue the whole day!

    This could be because I am lucky enough to have long lashes which make contact with skin with my facial expressions, but this was really less than ideal for someone who already suffers from dark circles…

    I had to give up on this mascara… I am now using Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye mascara and it has changed my life! No smudging at all, even though it isn’t waterproof.

  6. Of all the different mascaras that I have tried, Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes has to be the best. I first tried it in a sample mini mascara after which I was sold.

    The cone-shaped mascara wand is shaped to give one a “doll eyed” look (hence the name). Due to the wand being thicker and getting thinner, the eyelashes on the outer edge of your eyes become longer when the mascara is applied so that the closer to the edge of the eye, the longer the eyelashes!

    The mascara goes on well, doesn’t smudge or melt off your face! It even smells nice!

    The mascara makes your eyelashes look thicker and longer without looking clumped.

    If anyone is in need of a new mascara… look no further!!

    Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes deserves 5 stars!

  7. Now I know what all the fuss is about; from the first application the Lancôme Hypnose Doll mascara glides on easily leaving a thick, but not heavy, shiny texture onto the eyelashes. The cleverly designed applicator allows each lash to be coated individually including those tiny lashes at the inner eye. For the price, its a worthy investment. My eyelashes have never looked so well groomed before. Lancôme perfection

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