Adidas Ice Dive Anti-Perspirant

A 24-hour fragrance booster developed with athletes.

What we say:
‘I initially read “Ice Diva” when I scooped up this product, but this is definitely a men’s roll-on with the classic, crisp, über fresh shower smell one would associate with the cool turquoise cap. A small bottle in short compact packaging that you can wrap your fist around makes it the perfect for throwing in a travel or gym bag. I last went to gym three years ago so the “developed with athletes” tag line on the bottle is probably a bit over kill. Anyway, I thought athletes were supposed to sweat!

‘It did, however, keep me sweat-free during a nerve-wracking business trip to Johannesburg full of presentations and client meetings. Working up a sweat on the treadmill is fine – stinking out a boardroom with sweaty pits is not!

‘And the 24 hour promise? Yup, I stuck it out without a shower – nervously nosed my pits at the end of the day and found no BO, rather still that cool, fresh, non-intrusive shower smell. This being said, I am not a big pit-sweater and therefore might give candle wax a good review, so I gave my partner the product and set a long task list for the day. The results? Sweat! However, we have not yet found any anti-perspirant that actually prevents sweat.

‘And yay for me I have a clean and nice smelling house to boot!’
– Vicky


24 Responses

  1. I bought this for my daughter. It is such a nice size for her already-full sport bag. It lasts while practicing netball, hockey or marimba. She never has to worry about smelly odours and can hug her teammates with confidence when the game is over and won.

  2. ADIDAS is my fav when it comes to trusted protection, you sure to know that you will be sweat-free, protected all day!

  3. I’ve been using the Orange cap Adidas anti-antiperspirant for quiet some time now and I must say that I love it. Here are the reasons:
    1. It dries quickly
    2. It doesn’t leave white residue
    3. It doesn’t leave yellow residue
    4. It doesn’t lead to underarm irritation

    This product is very affordable it’s for keeps!

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