Adidas Ice Dive Anti-Perspirant

A 24-hour fragrance booster developed with athletes.

What we say:
‘I initially read “Ice Diva” when I scooped up this product, but this is definitely a men’s roll-on with the classic, crisp, über fresh shower smell one would associate with the cool turquoise cap. A small bottle in short compact packaging that you can wrap your fist around makes it the perfect for throwing in a travel or gym bag. I last went to gym three years ago so the “developed with athletes” tag line on the bottle is probably a bit over kill. Anyway, I thought athletes were supposed to sweat!

‘It did, however, keep me sweat-free during a nerve-wracking business trip to Johannesburg full of presentations and client meetings. Working up a sweat on the treadmill is fine – stinking out a boardroom with sweaty pits is not!

‘And the 24 hour promise? Yup, I stuck it out without a shower – nervously nosed my pits at the end of the day and found no BO, rather still that cool, fresh, non-intrusive shower smell. This being said, I am not a big pit-sweater and therefore might give candle wax a good review, so I gave my partner the product and set a long task list for the day. The results? Sweat! However, we have not yet found any anti-perspirant that actually prevents sweat.

‘And yay for me I have a clean and nice smelling house to boot!’
– Vicky

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24 Responses

  1. I’ve tried this before. It really smells good but I had to change my anti-perspirant because my body got used to it.

  2. My fiance has used Adidas products many times and these Adidas deodorant has a great, clean, masculine fragrance and it’s affordable too.

  3. The scent of this deodorant is really great. However, the scent doesn’t last very long. It isn’t very strong either, I have to re-apply it many times throughout the day. But overall, Its very diverse and I wore axe before this and it was very overwhelming, but when I tried this, it wasn’t very noticeable until they were right by you. But when people noticed it, I got comments on how I smelled, and they liked it.

  4. My husband and I both enjoy using the addidas range of underarm and spray deodorants. Not only good protection for sweating but lovely fragrances too!

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