Piz Buin In Sun Aloe Vera Extra Care Sun Lipstick

Known for creating some of the most beautifully scented sunscreen products on the market, Piz Buin is a leader in sun care innovation. Piz Buin In Sun Aloe Vera Extra Care Sun Lipstick (like most Piz Buin products) has two properties to it – it protects the skin on your lips from harsh UVA and UVB rays, but offers intense moisturisation too. Filled with nourishing aloe vera, it has a velvety texture that allows the product to glide on effortlessly. It has a beautiful vanilla scent and is clear when applied.

What our Beauty Masters had to say:
I have always been a huge fan of Piz Buin products and the sun lipstick is a sure winner.

The texture is smooth and colourless, thank goodness. I’m really not a fan of the “white mouth” some SPF lippies have and it really lasts during swimming sessions. I loved that it had SPF20. My lips were super soft and always had a healthy glow.

I’m even considering wearing this in winter due to the long-lasting effect this amazing product has and the summery smell will remind me that warm weather is just around the corner.
– Candice Botes

The Piz Buin In Sun Aloe Vera Extra Care Sun Lipstick is what I call absolutely fantastic! It glides on easily and stays on forever. That is until it is scrubbed off, but even then the effects of the care it has provided your lips are still noticeable. You can also go outside with confidence knowing that your lips are not going to get burnt and are very well protected. I had tried multiple products before this to nourish and moisturise my lips, however nothing at all seemed to work instantly and for long. That was until I discovered Piz Buin which is a lifesaver for lips in any condition. Piz Buin lip balm leaves my lips oh so soft, smoochable and not sticky at all. Best of all is the awesome smell of cupcakes and its SPF20 which offers adequate protection against the gruelling sun.
– Nazira Desai

Piz Buin In Sun Aloe Vera Lipstick in SPF20 is a wonder product for all South Africans. It is actually a lipbalm with aloe vera to soothe dry or chapped lips. It also has the added benefit of medium sun protection against the harsh environmental elements. It comes in a brown tube, nothing fancy; it is not tinted and has a lovely subtle vanilla scent that you can almost taste. As it is neutral, it is perfect for both men and women. It glides on beautifully keeping lips soft and moisturised. I have been using it for a week and my lips definitely look smoother for longer. I like that it is not waxy and does not leave your lips with a sticky feeling. But because of the texture being light you do need to reapply frequently and I am not too sure the tube will last too long. This is as directed by the manufacturer to enhance the SPF and your lips tend to dry out after exposure. I used it under a tinted lipstick as well and it helped to make my lipstick last longer and provided a light gloss finish. I think I preferred the result paired with a lipstick as opposed to on its own and I like that I am getting the nourishment factor as well. Will definitely buy even if it is on the pricey side due to the benefits.
– Farhana


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  1. This is a lovely lip balm. It smells buttery and applies like a dream. It also sits tight so you don’t need to apply constantly. With an added benefit like SPF it is a definite lifesaver for my family and I, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  2. I decided to try a new brand of roll-on after have been using the Adidas brand for quite sometime. I did not know what I wanted to buy when I went to the store, and I left that to my eyes to decide what will catch my attention first. When I got to the store, they had all the usual products. However, I decided on the newest product, which is I have seen before; it is the Ingrams Aloe Vera Alcohol-Free roll-on. Today it’s been day 3 since I’ve been using it & I am loving it already.

    These are the reasons why I love it:

    -Dries quickly

    -All day freshness

    -Armpits stay dry all day

    -Doesn’t leave white/yellow residue


    I’m loving it and I do not regret changing at all. I still recommend my old roll-on but now it has competition. It’s available at Pick ‘n Pay stores for under R15.00. It is worth a try!

  3. PIZ BUIN In Sun Lipstick helps to protect your lips from the harmful effects of UVA/ UVB exposure while providing them with intense moisturisation. Ingredients include aloe vera and Vitamin E providing your lips with extra moisture and helps prevent sensitive lips from chapping or getting burned. Apply generously and evenly before sun exposure. A reduced quantity lowers the protection level significantly. Reapply frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or towelling. I also use the PIZ BUIN Allergy Sun Sensitive Skin Face Cream, I love the fact that it absorbs quickly and provides hours of moisturisation with a soothing effect and keeps my skin silky soft

  4. After getting really badly sunburnt on my lips a friend told me about this product, since then it’s my standard for summer.I do know what I’d do without it as those burnt lips were the pits!!

  5. I much prefer this lip balm to many of the Labello products I’ve tried in the past. The SPF factor is great and it smells delicious. I love that I can slick this under or over a lipstick and get great moisture from it. I’d just advise not to keep this in your pocket (on your body) or car because it melts very quickly and gets ruined. Always try keep it in a cool spot.

  6. The latest offering from the renowned sun care giant Piz Buin, does not disappoint. Packaged in a standard aerosol can, the spray decants easily and quickly onto the skin absorbing immediately. Literally within seconds of applying you are able to get dressed with no left over residue transferred onto your clothes making it the ideal summer time suntan lotion for active on the go people. Lightly fragranced it stays on for hours and even in the intense heat it stays on offering the necessary protection for your skin type. Another winning product from Piz Buin

  7. I dont like any puiz buin product especially this lip balm. I receive it in a rubybox and I tried it. The balm left my lips even more dry than it was originally. I also noticed it became flaky and cracked. Worse part is it was extremely greasy for me. Even though I put a little, it left a white film over my lips which was very unattractive. I had to go wash it out. Washing it off was also not easy because of the greasiness, the water just rolled right off. Felt like I kissed a tub of lard! Disgusting!

  8. Wow it’s so affordable, didn’t even know about this product. Will look out for it

  9. I love this lip balm, I have one in my car, and my handbag and next to my bed, it is fantastic, it goes on smoothly and is not greasy, and has an amazing SPF20 so my lips never get sunburnt in summer, this is a really great product from Piz Buin

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