Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF15


The non-greasy, non-sticky formula of the Piz Buin In Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion intensely moisturises your skin, leaving it smooth and silky soft all day. Piz Buin In Sun Moisturising Sun Lotions are sweat and water resistant. Available in a variety of SPFs.

What our Beauty Masters say:
The product I reviewed was Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF15, which is of a medium coverage level. This lotion comes in a tall rectangular dark brown plastic bottle with flip top lid containing yellow and white writing. Although it is plain, it does have an uncluttered modern design which is easy to identify. The lotion is white and has a medium consistency but is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any sticky residue behind and has a moisturising effect. It has a fairly strong fragrance but it is rather pleasant and suitable for both males and females. I was a bit hesitant to use this on my face due to it not being fragrance free but it did not cause any irritation to my sensitive skin. SPF15 is the absolute minimum one should use before being exposed to any sunlight, so I braved the hot summer sun with this and was quite impressed. It is sweat and water resistant but I reapplied it a few times a day as directed. Although I did show signs of a tan after two weeks of using the lotion, where I was in the sun for about four hours each day, my skin did not burn or peel like it usually does after this kind of treatment. This product is
quite pricey but it is certainly worth the price tag as it is a Johnson and Johnson’s item which offers good UVA and UVB protection against the damaging effects of the sun like skin cancer and premature ageing.
– Rasheeda

Piz Buin In Sun lotion feels amazing, it is thick, but it does not leave a white residue, and it is not greasy either. It has a pleasant smell, not the usual sunblock smell. Unfortunately, this product is only SPF15, which is not good enough for the South African summer sun. The higher SPF Piz Buin lotions would definitely be on my summer must-have list. This range of products is COLIPA compliant, which means that they are on the CANSA recommended list. I wouldn’t buy or recommend this SPF15 product, however anything SPF30 or over in this range would be amazing. SPF15 may be good enough for people who aren’t exposed to direct sunlight, and are mainly indoors or maybe in winter. I am very strict with sunblock all year round, so for me at least an SPF30 is a must.
– Azraa

I personally do not like scented products as I have very sensitive skin and I prefer using unscented lotions and soaps but with Piz Buin In Sun Lotion I didn’t get an allergic reaction as anticipated. It feels smooth on the skin and is non-greasy and perfect for the face on hot boiling temperatures, and it’s easy to open and I love how tightly it closes so it doesn’t ooze out or spill when put in a bag on a hot day like other similar products and it’s not too big you can carry it with you in your handbag to work, to the beach where ever.
It feels very light and non-sticky or greasy so when I’m wearing it I’m not self-conscious about whether I’m shiny or not and what’s best is that it’s perfect for all skin types.

I think it’s suitable for all age groups as I only apply it once a day before I go into the sun and it protects me all day even in water. I’m a black African and I do get sunburnt as well but Piz Buin In Sun Lotion protects me and I proved it to my colleagues who do not think that Africans need sun screen because they saw a difference when I was using the product.
I would recommend it to people to purchase more especially my African friends who only think sun protectors are for white-people skin. I would definitely purchase it in future.
– Nobuhle

My house is currently a mess. I am busy packing and painting, but the one bottle of lotion I have kept out is the Piz Buin!
It smells absolutely divine and the fresh fragrance lingers the whole day. I am in love with Piz Buin and I have already purchased my new bottles to stock up my cupboard with. My skin stays soft all day, and above all it protects me against the sun.

I would never have bought it out of my own will, as it is a sunscreen protection mainly, and usually these are oil based, but Piz Buin exceeded my expectations for sure. My husband also loves the fragrance on me, so good times!
– Riekie Rennie

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