Inglot Individual Eyelashes

False eyelashes which are available in either synthetic hair or natural hair.


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  1. These babies look amazing! The lash strip is terrible, and you seem to get that drag-queen effect if you wear them. I have never, and will never try the full strip. These individual lashes look far meeker than those, and definitely something I’d like to look into. I imagine you’d have to apply them with glue and a tweezer? Does anyone know how to use these? Would love to learn more in time for a wedding next year! x

  2. I’ve always been put off applying individual lashes as they look so time consuming but have had really good feedback on the Inglot range so time to give it a try.

  3. It takes a long time to put up individual lashes, especially if you can’t get the hang of them, but it looks gorgeous and a lot more natural than the whole ones.

  4. I have just started experimenting with false eyelashes and I must say I love the new addition to my make up arsenal. Falsies are so awesome to accentuate eye make up and I can’t wait to experiment with these new ones from Inglot. I have seen some of the full lashes (not singles) from Inglot and they were really cool as well.

  5. a no no for me as i have long eyelashes.
    and some girls look like something is flapping each time they blink when using fake eye lashes

  6. I cant seem to get the hang of applying eyelashes. I have tried many times and given up. I will however try once more with these being individual perhaps it will be easier to apply!

  7. I love individual lashes for special occasions. They’re easy to build up so you don’t end up looking tacky with these massive things flapping around your face. It’s also a lot more economical.

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