Inglot Duraline

Inglot Duraline

Special ingredients: silicone polymer / breathable film formula

– waterless, clear liquid
– helps to create a long lasting effect with any INGLOT eye shadow product
– transforms eye shadow into long lasting eyeliner
– intensifies the depth of eye shadow colours
– dries quickly without smudging

Price: R179
Availability: Inglot stores and Inglot counters in selected Edgars stores.

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One Response

  1. I bought this product after my makeup artist friend used it on me for a photo shoot. I immediately fell in love with it, as I saw how versatile it was, and what good quality it was. I was especially intrigued that one could rehydrate slightly dry potted eyeliners.

    It lasts very long, as I used an eye shadow with it and the eye shadow lasted the whole day and didn’t crease. It intensifies the eye shadow colour so much, and is perfect for loose pigments (which I have quite a lot of). You can pretty much make eyeliners out of your eye shadows, you can make lipsticks from your eye shadows and you can make dried out potted eyeliners more liquidy for application.

    It will last you so long, as it has a dropper, and you only use a tiny bit.

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