Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation

This hypoallergenic foundation provides long lasting coverage and conceals discolouration or any other imperfections. The product ensures natural, flawless finish adjusting to each skin tone and preventing excess shine. Enriched with white truffle extract, it keeps the skin moisture balanced. Suitable for sensitive skin.HD Perfect Coverup Foundation is carefully packaged into an airless 35 ml bottle that keeps the product safe and will let you use it till the last drop.

Price: R395
Size: 35ml
Availability: Inglot stores and Inglot counters in selected Edgars stores.


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  1. For years, I’ve struggled finding the right foundation; a foundation that blends in perfectly, actually covers up in a subtle way and lasts a whole day!!
    I was changing my foundation every few months, which is horrible. Then finally, I found this HD Perfect Coverup Foundation, which – by the way – is perfect. This is the first foundation that covered my face in a subtle way; by subtle, I mean that it made my face look natural, not like some showcase girl. It contains an active that evens out your skin tone. To me, this is a big thing because I don’t have an even skin tone.
    I can highly recommend this foundation, I have been using it for over a year now and I am very satisfied.

    3 Thumbs up for Inglot!

  2. Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation
    Size: 35 ml
    Cost: R395
    Bought at: Inglot counter in Edgars, Greenacres Shopping Centre

    So i was looking for a foundation that is affordable, but didn’t look cheap. I was trying a few different foundations before this but I found that they were just a little too runny and didn’t cover enough. I am 27 years old but people often think i am younger (Yay!) so every time i go to the makeup counters they will issue me with something for a young skin, which i find ends up looking like a tinted cream more than a foundation. And when i purchased the foundation for more mature ladies, i found that it looked too thick and slightly caked.
    I eventually heard about Inglot from a friend and saw that they stocked it in Edgars stores. I went to seek advise from a very helpful and knowledgeable lady at the Inglot Counter. She said i needed to try the new HD Perfect coverup foundation. She did a test on my skin as well as gave me some tips for face contouring.
    I fell in love with this foundation, not only did it look great when she applied it on me at the store, but it looks great when i do it at home too.
    It comes in a glass cylinder type bottle with black top and base and has this very neat pump action that forces the foundation to the top of the bottle with a platform every time you squirt some out. This makes it so easy to tell when you are near to finished with your product so you can replace it. It also helps you not waste 1 drop like you would do with the standard glass bottle foundations.
    The product is thick and creamy, and conceals without looking over made-up. It applies fantastically with my foundation brush, and doesn’t get those paint brush streaks or blotchy look. It blends perfectly with my skin, adding the tiniest hint of a tan to my colour.
    Another reason to love this foundation is that, when applying contouring colour after my foundation application, it blends so beautifully, leaving me glowing and shadowing in all the right places. I give a light dust of translucent powder and “viola” – not sticky, blends like a dream and makes me look great in photos.
    So love love love it =) give it a try

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